Why Every Coffee Lover Should Own a Gooseneck Kettle

Making coffee at home can be very rewarding. The process can be inspiring and meditative as you are physically and mentally invested in making the best coffee you can. However, not having the right equipment can be deeply frustrating. A common source of frustration is not having the right kettle, and this is where the gooseneck kettle comes in. If you do not own this kettle or know why you need it, keep reading to find out why it is an essential piece of equipment for every coffee lover.

It Gives You Control Over Pouring

When you first see a gooseneck kettle, you might think the long, thin spout would make things harder. This is not true as the spout is designed that way to give you total control over how you pour water into the coffee. When making a cup of coffee, you want to ensure that all the grounds are touched by the water. When pouring using a normal kettle, the water is chaotic, and this increases the chances of it going off to the side and not touching all the coffee grounds.

With a gooseneck kettle, you can pour at the right pace while ensuring the water only goes where you want it to. The result is precision and total control, which other kettles cannot manage. Some gooseneck kettles such as the Fellow kettle also have an ergonomic handle to give you even more control. You can check out the different Fellow kettle options available by clicking here. At SSENSE, you will also find other coffee-making accessories including pour-over coffee sets, mugs, and grinders all from Fellow, a company specializing in coffee-making equipment. In addition to Fellow’s accessories and equipment SSENSE also stocks high-end home accessories from numerous high-end brands.


If you like your coffee one way, you want the experience to be consistent with every cup you make. The control and precision you have with a gooseneck kettle allow you to make the same cup of coffee every time. With a gooseneck kettle, you use the same amount of water at a precise temperature for every cup, you pour the water at the same speed, and you make sure that you hit all grounds evenly. Adjusting for these variables would be difficult, and even impossible, when using a regular kettle.

It Improves Your Coffee’s Flavor

Having total control and consistency means you can create great-tasting coffee every time. A consistent pour means you get balance as all grounds are extracted evenly with no over or under extraction in the process. The result is a great cup of coffee with no bitterness or sourness. Also, you can control the brewing time. A faster pour means a shorter brewing time and thus less extraction while the opposite also applies. This means you can change up your pour to change the coffee’s flavor and experiment with different brewing styles to get the coffee just right.

If you have been thinking about making coffee at home, you need a gooseneck kettle. With the right kettle, you get total control over the amount of water, your pour, and also the flavor profile of each cup of coffee you make.