Do New Real Estate Agents Really Need Mailers

Every new real estate agent must have constant access to fresh prospects to be successful. A reliable source of consistently generated leads is the lifeblood of their business. One of the most proven and effective lead generation channels in the industry is direct mail. 

Direct mail advertising still outperforms most other marketing tactics with a response rate nearly ten times greater than that of most digital marketing campaigns. Studies show that real estate mailers are far more effective than digital channels for building trust with consumers and consumers buy from brands they trust.

New real estate agents face difficult entry barriers to this trillion-dollar industry. They must build a brand, expand visibility, and reach their target audience quickly to be successful. A multifaceted plan that includes real estate mailers is the most effective way for new agents to establish a noteworthy presence in the marketplace.

Establishing a Reputable Brand in a Trillion-Dollar Industry

Branding is difficult but it is vital to the success of any new real estate agent. Real estate mailers help establish authority in a particular market giving new agents the credibility they need to start closing sales.

Direct mail advertising also builds a natural relationship with potential prospects even before first contact. Here are some other ways real estate mailers help new agents establish a reputable brand in this trillion-dollar industry.

  • Creates name recognition which builds trust
  • Establishes authority in a market
  • Offers a direct-to-consumer relationship
  • Builds social proof for brand credibility
  • Establishes first point of contact for target market
  • Cost-effective with as much as 30 percent ROI

Real estate mailers are a proven asset to new agents who want to hit the ground running. They are an essential part of any marketing plan, especially for new agents who need to build their brand.

Real Estate Mailers Increase Visibility and Expand Potential Clientele

Real estate mailers go directly to the consumer, offering new agents a chance to make a lasting impression. Rather than being a one-and-done project, direct mail marketing campaigns can include multiple follow-up mailings to establish relationships with potential clients. They can also target specific markets within a geographical area, making them a highly effective tool for increasing visibility.

Direct mail marketing campaigns offer the ability to profile consumers by the characteristics of a potential buyer. Of course, new agents can still toss a wide net by blanketing a zip code but targeting a specific market with customized content is much more effective.