What Should I Do Today? 7 New Things to Try Today

We all feel stuck in a rut sometimes. When you’re busy, the days start to run together. Then, before you know it, a week has passed by the blink of an eye.

If you feel as if life is passing you by, there are some ways to stop and smell the flowers. But to do that, it’s up to you to discover ways to enjoy life more.

To start living life to the fullest, here are seven things you should try today! In the process, you’ll likely want to try other fun activities and hobbies you’ll no doubt love!

1. Print Out Digital Images

Printing out your digital images seems like something someone would do in the 90s. But as much as we like to take pictures in our day and age, you’d think you’d like to see them in more places than just Instagram.

To infuse photography into your life, develop some of your prints. For example, you can get a canvas print made of a favorite landscape. Or, you can get a polaroid camera and print out photos from your phone on the camera. Then, you can use the prints to decorate the wall behind your bed!

Get creative and display your photos in other places besides social media and on your computer. You’ll be glad you took the time to decorate using your photography.

2. Cut Your Own Hair

If you’re up for trying something new and saving some money, why not cut your own hair? It’s highly probable you’re already a pro at this if you cut your hair during the pandemic. Even so, you can continue to cut your own hair.

And if you haven’t tried cutting your hair, don’t be afraid. The good news is if you royally mess it up, it’ll grow back!

Trimming your hair helps you practice a new skill set. Plus, you can make your hair look exactly how you want it!

3. Try a New Coffee Recipe

If you’re a coffee-lover, expand your horizons. It’s about time that you drank something other than your staple latte every morning!

There are many kinds of coffee recipes to try. The possibilities are endless!

Try making a coffee noir or cold brew coffee. Or a white chocolate mocha may be more your forte.

If you love the bold, rich taste of espresso, then making Americano coffee is right up your alley! An Americano waters down the espresso taste just enough so you can experience the flavor without it being too strong.

So go on and embrace your inner barista and whip up a tasty cup of coffee!

4. Make Friends with Your Neighbor

If you haven’t been neighborly lately, there’s no time like the present than to be more friendly. You never know how your friendliness may affect them.

Many things are going on globally, and a simple hello or getting into a conversation may make their day.

So go out of your way to be kind and friendly to your neighbors. Who knows — you may also make a great friend in the process!

5. Donate What You’re Not Wearing

There’s most likely a bunch of clothing in your closet that you’re not wearing. Go through it and put aside clothing that you haven’t worn in six months.

If you don’t see yourself wearing it soon, donate it! There are a lot of people who could be using your clothing. Besides, going through your closet will free up space for other things.

That’s not to say you should buy more clothing! But it’ll give you room to store other items you already own, like books.

6. Write a Handwritten Letter

Handwriting is almost extinct these days, so bring it back to life by writing a handwritten letter to a pal! They’ll love the thoughtfulness you put into the letter. Plus, seeing your handwriting will more than likely make them smile.

Get into the habit of writing more handwritten notes, and it’ll make the recipients’ day.

7. Plan a Day Trip

Is there a place you haven’t been to that you want to visit in your area? Then plan a day trip! Chances are there are all sorts of fun activities you can do in your neck of the woods.

So whether it’s nature-filled or full of history, take some time away and go on a day adventure. You won’t be sorry!


Self-improvement comes in many forms. Part of improving your life is by trying new things regularly.

By making an effort to do new and exciting things, you’ll make life more enjoyable.

Plus, you’ll likely prompt others to do the same when they see how much fun you’re having!