Basics in Keeping Customer Satisfaction High

If you’re working in a customer facing industry, then good customer service can make or break your business. We all have our own experiences of awful customer service – but it’s not just subpar customer service that can make a business struggle. If your customer service is not reaching its potential, then your business probably isn’t either. It’s important to regularly review your customer service policies and to ensure that your staff are well versed in what’s expected of them. Here are some actionable ways you can ensure your customer satisfaction is high.

1. Brand Building
We’ve got more options for everything than we’ve ever had before. If someone isn’t happy with the service they receive with you, they likely have many other options on hand that they can choose to frequent. For that reason it’s more important than ever to create an experience that leaves a good impression and has your customers feeling valued. That will result in more brand loyalty, which is nothing but good news for your business. Minimising negative customer service factors can help ensure your business continues to grow steadily while others may struggle.

2. Invest In Your Staff
You want your workers to be happy in their work, because that happiness is contagious and will flow onto your customers. The best place to start is with your company culture and the ‘why’ – why are your staff showing up to work each day and what is it you’re offering to your customers? For example if your business is a coffee shop, maybe it’s not just about the coffee – maybe it’s also about brightening a client’s day by remembering their order the next time they come in, giving them a moment’s break from the craziness of their work week. Maybe it’s just as simple as connecting with a smile! Talk to your staff about how every interaction can be a way to show off the brand’s core values and to bring something special to your customer’s day.

3. Solve Problems Before They Arise
Even in a wonderfully run company, there’s going to be issues that develop. It’s important to have a clear plan of action when something goes wrong, so your staff know how to reflect. If there’s a problem with your customer’s order, how will you resolve it? If something is below the company’s usual standard, will you offer them a replacement at no cost? Having a clear outline for how things will go when something goes wrong is an important part of a healthy business model. Knowing the conflict resolution plan from the beginning means that your staff can easily revert to the plan when something goes wrong and quickly make amends with the customer. The last thing you want when something goes wrong is for your staff to be desperately trying to contact you to figure out how to fix things.

Customer service is an important part of any customer based business, and focusing on ways to improve it can result in a big change in business for your company. Happy customers are more likely to recommend your business, post about it and share it with their friends, helping your business to grow organically.