How to Become a Lawyer: Steps to Take from High School

To become a lawyer in the UK, you have to have a college education and several years of study. This is a quiet scientific field and is a very competitive career. You will also need to consider whether or not this career is suitable for your interests and capacities.

If you are thinking about a career as a lawyer, you may want to consider whether you are up for working with different clients, the study of case studies and other documents, plans, legal strategies, and making public appearances. Ias Services law agencies deal with thousands of clients on a regular basis, ensuring there is never a dull moment.

 What Future Does a Law Career Hold?

 –          High-earning potential, a good career

–          Enjoy a busy lifestyle

 The life of a lawyer comes with professionalism, devotion, and personality building to form a persuasive nature. When working with clients and court cases, this career also demands good written and verbal skills.

Steps to Become a Lawyer

There are four main steps to becoming a lawyer. It is also a good idea to gain work experience during your degree to help you decide whether or not this path is right for you.

1. A-levels or Equivalent

To enroll in a law school, you need to clear your grades with a considerably high percentage. The merit percentage for a law school is quite demanding, therefore it is important to maintain a good grade record for getting into the degree.

There are specific scores required by universities, and the subjects studied at the intermediate level, such as history, geography, and mathematics are helpful in the development of important skills such as analysis, research, and writing.

2. Bachelor’s Degree

You need to have a Bachelor’s degree that will take three years (or four years in some countries). You can choose from LLB or BA/BSc:

Graduation with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law (LLB)

This is one of the qualifying degrees which is the first phase of law study, and if you want to become a lawyer in the United Kingdom you will need to select the particular field of education. You will also learn the seven Foundations of Legal Knowledge, and develop the knowledge, analytical and practical skills required for your career.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degree

You can earn a bachelor’s degree in different subjects, but you need to have a year Graduate Diploma Conversion Course (GDL) before you can apply for a practical job.

What Is the Difference Between LLB and a BA/BSc in Law?

The LLB is focused only on the law; while the LLB provides the knowledge of the law, BA/BSC in other subjects such as history offers knowledge about the specific subjects. They both offer the same features, but studying for a bachelor’s degree means that you have to take a one-year conversion course in studies of law if you want to become a lawyer, so it takes a longer time to be eligible.

3. Legal Practice Course

The Law Practice Course (LPC) is a one-year post-doctoral program that is designed to prepare you for your professional career as a lawyer. You will need to study at an approved center.

The Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) one-year post-doctoral program is designed to prepare you for a professional career in law as an advocate. You will need to take it from an authorized service provider, commonly referred to as the bar schools

The requirements for admission to the bar school will vary depending upon the institution you want to apply to. To get admission to high-level institutes you must achieve a rating of at least a 2:1 in different courses in your Bachelor’s degree or GDL. You will also be required to have a good level of English language proficiency and academic credentials.

Changes in the Year 2021

The education requirements and criteria are subject to changes now and then. The admission criteria of lawyers in England and Wales will be changed for the new entrants, with the introduction of the Bar examination (SQE). This new exam will replace the GDL and LPC, even though there is a long transition period, for those of you who have been working on these tracks.

The Education and Training of Specialists

The last step is to get hands-on experience working on a contract with a law degree. This means that you will be able to spend two years with the company before you become a lawyer.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Lawyer?

It takes six years to become a lawyer, and if you choose to pursue a Bachelor’s degree it will take you seven years due to the GDL conversion course.