Mindful Health Solutions In Los Angeles

More people today are trusting professionals to help them with their mental health problems. And, more people than ever are reporting these problems. At Mindful Health Solutions in Los Angeles, the patient is the center of it all. Patient-centric care and a focus on new technologies make this practice one that is on the forefront of mental health care. Mindful Health Solutions has the latest treatments that are on the market to give patients many different choices in the way they want their mental health problem treated. 

With more than 15 locations available around California, MHS offers accessible care to many areas of the state. New offices are already being built in other areas. If you have been searching for a “psychiatrist near me” in California, chances are that there is an MHS office near you. And if not, there are telehealth solutions that can make it easier to get treatment. MHS recently rebranded itself, changing its name to Mindful Health Solutions to replace the name TMS Health Solutions. With the rebranding is the company’s commitment to new innovations in mental health treatments. 

Clinical Depression Treatment

Depression is one of the most common of the psychiatric disorders, and it’s one that people often give up on treating if their initial treatments aren’t working. At MHS, there are bold new options available to patients. They spend time with each patient, listening to them and coming to understand their mental health history and the symptoms they have. Thousands of patients have been treated by MHS and have gone on to improved lives. 

The treatments available for depression include talk therapy, medications, and cutting-edge treatments. These include Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. This type of therapy is been proven to be effective in treating depression. With more than 14% of people having an episode of depression in their lifetimes, and 40% of depression patients having a form that is treatment-resistant, using other options to treat the condition is a must. With TMS, there is a new way to treat difficult cases of depression. 

MHS also has esketamine treatments available for depressed patients. This nasal spray is also helpful for treatment-resistant depression. When using talk therapy and medications don’t work, this FDA-approved treatment can help many people. Only certified mental health providers are able to administer this type of treatment, and TMS is certified. Another treatment type, electroconvulsive therapy, is also offered by the treatment center. The tagline of MHS is “Innovative Psychiatry Services,” proof of a commitment to the latest approved therapy methods to help as many people as possible, even when their depression has been hard to treat. 

OCD Services

Obsessive compulsive disorder can ruin a person’s quality of life and make every day far more difficult. The standard treatments for OCD are generally cognitive behavior therapy as well as medications that are proven to work with OCD. However, not everyone’s OCD responds to these treatments.TMS can also be used for OCD patients who have a treatment-resistant case. This treatment is completely non-invasive, and it focuses on the areas of the brain known to be behind OCD. The FDA has cleared this treatment to be used in a different way for OCD patients than it is used in depression cases. It is a targeted therapy that is done on an outpatient basis and requires no downtime. It works directly on the brain, and it can also raise the effectiveness of other treatments like talk therapy and medications.  

More than two million people are diagnosed with OCD every year, and anywhere from 30% to 50% of those cases are cases that are resistant to treatments. This can be a helpful way to treat OCD when medications don’t work or the patient is not tolerating the medications well. Many patients have used this therapy to increase their quality of life.

Pain Management Services

MHS also treats people with chronic pain. Having pain every day can be tough on anyone, and sometimes treatments like medications don’t give patients enough relief. But at MHS, they can use TMS to treat that pain. Experts are finding that using this therapy in the same way as you would with depression is helpful in relieving pain. It can be used for patients who suffer from headaches, neuropathy, migraines, traumatic brain injuries, and more. Many people appreciate this treatment because it is not an opioid and comes with no risk of addiction or other problems. 

For those suffering from pain or mental health conditions that are resisting traditional treatments, finding an MHS office can be helpful in their treatment. With the focus on new technologies and proven methods, they are seeing results in patients who thought they’d never feel any better.