5 Ways to Predict Your Star Employee Is About to Quit

In most workplaces, you’ll have a handful of employees who go above and beyond in pulling their weight. These stand-out employees are invaluable, making sure that everything stays on track and putting in more than their fair share of effort to mitigate problems before they arise.

Naturally, losing such an employee is devastating for your business, so you want to make sure that does not happen. You can give yourself the best chance possible by knowing the signs and some of the contributing factors that make good employees want to jump ship.

You See the Stress Mounting

Star employees are skilled, but even they have their breaking points. If you’re loading too much work onto your top-tier talent and not offering them much in the way of support, sooner or later, you’ll see their on-the-job stress start to increase. When you notice that their workload is becoming unreasonable, encourage them to take a step back or get them some help pronto!

They’re Being Targeted

It should go without saying, but workplace harassment is another surefire way to see good employees head for the hills. If your star workers are being bullied by other employees, or just having a contentious relationship with disagreeable team members, it can eventually lead to them wanting to quit. Before it gets to that point, make sure you intervene and remind your staff that harassment on the job isn’t to be tolerated at your business.

Their Work Isn’t the Same

If you notice that your star employee’s normally stellar performance is starting to dip, there may be a problem. Now, it’s true that they could just be in a temporary slump, but it could also mean that they’ve become disinterested in their position and they’re looking to make an exit. 

Their Attitude Changes

Has a normally jovial worker started to sour? This could be the result of some personal changes in their life, true, but it could also be a sign that their satisfaction with their work has started to diminish. You notice that they’re less communicative with the team, less helpful than normal, etc., don’t wait to find out if there’s an issue. Be proactive in addressing your star’s concerns.

Opportunity Is on the Horizon

It’s not always due to a negative reason that a stellar employee might want to leave. Sometimes, they might just have other opportunities coming their way that they can’t pass up. Everyone wants to get ahead, after all, and your employees are no exception.