A Father’s Day Gift Guide for Those Who Enjoy Working in the Yard

The many choices of father’s day gifts can often be mystifying, but if you have a father or father figure who enjoys being outside, the options can be narrowed down, making the gift-buying experience slightly more manageable. In the era of online shopping, browsing for the perfect gift has perhaps never been so easy. Here are seven gift options for the dad who loves managing his outdoor space.

1. A Wood Chipper

Handling yard debris is one of the difficult aspects of managing a clean lawn, and a wood chipper might be an indispensable gift for decluttering the area. There are both electric and gas-powered wood chippers on the market, so you can find an option that will work best for him.

2. A Lawnmower

Having an efficient lawnmower makes all of the difference when caring for a yard, and can make the hard work of trimming the grass take less time and effort. This is especially important if his lawn is sloped or uneven when having an unsuitable lawn mower can make navigating bumps or hills troubling. Whether he wants to be able to push it himself, stand on it, or comfortably ride it, there are countless models on the market, and stores offer something for almost every preference.

3. Pruning Shears and a Lopper

If your dad spends a significant amount of time maintaining his yard, he has likely thought about how best to care for the trees in his space. Pruning shears or loppers can cut through branches, and assist in shaping trees and shrubbery so that they look more neat and tidy. Even if he already has some but they are looking rusted or inefficient, it might not hurt to buy a fresh pair.

4. Ankle Boots

Spending many hours outdoors can dirty or damage your sneakers, and it is essential to have good footwear when using machinery or tools. Consider giving him the gift of a comfortable insole, and invest in sturdy, water-proof ankle boots that will hold up to long afternoons in the sun.

5. A Tool Belt

A durable tool belt can be both a helpful and stylish gift. There are many options online to choose from, including styles made out of leather and canvas, and some can even be personalized with his initials. If he is frequently running back to his shed to grab a tool, this might just be the perfect gift.

6. A Hammock

After a long day of work, relaxing in a hammock might just be a perfect way to finish the evening. If he has two trees in an ideal spot for napping, there are lightweight hammocks that come with chords to tighten around the tree trunks — but if not, a freestanding hammock will do just as well.

7. A Wheelbarrow

Possibly the most quintessential garden accessory, a wheelbarrow can be used for a long list of tasks and purposes — and having multiple is not a bad thing. Wagons can come in many shapes and colors and are chosen according to their needs, whether that be carrying wood from one end of the yard to the other, or discarding weeds.