4 Reasons Why Every Dump Truck Needs a Tarp System

The back of dump trucks are usually spacious and exposed enough to allow easy loading and unloading of materials such as dirt, gravel, or asphalt. Due to dump trucks’ exposure to nature, it is easy for garbage or materials on transit to fall off onto the road. A proactive way of dealing with this is by installing a tarp system. This is also a good way of taking responsibility for the material being transported as well as ensuring road safety. Here are a few key reasons why you need to add a tarp system to your dump truck.

Integral to ensure road safety

When driven behind an uncovered dump truck carrying garbage, you can see the garbage fall off onto the road. Some of the garbage could fall off at high speeds and could cause property damage when they hit a vehicle behind the truck; they may even cause bodily harm to nearby pedestrians if they come into contact with the flying garbage materials.

This sudden fall can also cause drivers to panic and even lose control of their vehicle, a move that can easily cause an accident.

For environmental and surface safety

Dump trucks are used to carry varied materials, some of which could be hazardous. Most of the material transported by dump trucks includes local waste from waste bins, some of which could become pollutants if they fall off on the road. To lock these materials in, you need to install a tarp system.

Construction companies usually use dump trucks to transport construction materials such as asphalt or even ballast. When the asphalt spills before reaching its destination on the road could harden and cause uneven road surface. Uneven road surfaces can cause drivers to lose control when driving and cause an accident.

To avoid Penalties

Different states have different laws regarding covering dump trucks. These laws have been enacted to curb the menace of dump truck spills previously going unpunished in various regions. Keep in mind that breaking any of the given laws could attract huge fines with others, even leading to criminal prosecutions when caught. An example is the state of Arizona, where truck drivers are expected to use tarps when carrying cargo that cannot be secured using any other method. For trucks using flatbed tarps, they need to firmly fasten the tarps to prevent them from coming off loose on transit.

Violators of the given directives without damage are liable to fines of up to $300. In comparison, those that cause damages are liable to fines of up to $1000, with you covering the cost of the repairs or injuries caused by your actions. Before hitting the road, especially if you are heading outside your state borders it is advisable to go over the state regulations to enable compliance for safe passage.

They are easy to use

When you look at it from the point of common sense, there is no reason not to have one on your truck. Tarp systems are rather easy to install and operate, making work easy and worry-free for you when transporting loose material. Your truck is basically a moving container with an exposed back, all you need is a tarp to cover the top, and you are good to go.

To ease operations, modern-day dump truck manufacturers design their trucks with either aluminum or steel frames with a roll system, making tarping an easy job. You can either choose a manually operated system or one fitted to an electric motor.

Any dump truck driver does not need the law to dictate to them the benefits of a tarp system. Protect yourself and other road users even if the law does not require a tarp system by installing a good tarp system.