Top Restaurant Franchise Opportunities to Invest In

The restaurant industry has always been a lucrative business opportunity. In the United States, there are over one million restaurants, and 90% have more than fifty employees. Below are a few restaurant franchise opportunities to consider. 

Go Burrito

Go Burrito is famous for its Mexican Burritos, including Burrito head, San Diego special, ACP Burrito, and Hula, among others served with your favorite beer.

How much does the Go Burrito franchise cost?

You can be part of the award-winning Go Burrito family by owning your restaurant. Go Burrito franchise fee is $30000. The franchise needs you to have a minimum of $150000 in liquid capital and at least $400000 inventory. The franchisee can make a total investment of $435000-$962000. It offers financing arrangements through a third party.

Why should you invest in Go Burrito?

At Go Burritos, you are guaranteed to make money and good value for your investment. You also become your boss and get to enjoy the attractive benefits of managing your own business. If you enjoy the franchise’s menu, imagine the joy of making it yours!


Training begins on the first day and goes for about 4-6 weeks. You get five days of intensive yet fun classroom training from the best experts in the industry. Practical training runs for two weeks, where the staff gets to observe and apply the hands-on training.

Simple Simons Pizza

Simple Simons are famous for their unique pizza, sandwiches, and calzones. They are committed to serving their customers with quality services.

What is the cost of the Simple Simons Pizzas franchise?

To buy the franchise, you need a minimum of at least 20% of liquid capital’s investment. It would help if you also had a net worth of $250000 on the lower side. With this, you can make a total investment of $80000-$350000.

Why should you invest in Simple Simons Pizza?

Simple Simons has been around for over two decades. When you invest in it, you own a business without the fear of failure. Your hard work and dedication, coupled with a brand’s experience and resources, will have you laughing all the way to the bank. After you join the Simple Simon family, you are assured of getting assistance all the way, from the beginning to the end. As a franchise owner, you will enjoy the benefits of using the established brand’s trademarks, logos, unique images, special recipes, marketing, and even pricing. Simple Simons will also help you to choose a site that fits your budget and enables you to maximize your operation based on functionality, cost, and market.


Operators get the best hands-on training led by the best experts in the industry. You will get training as soon as you finalize the deal. The trained staff will give the proper guidance on preparing the menu, bookkeeping, staff hiring, development, and marketing techniques.


At Slices, you are assured of getting the authentic Sicilian road-side pizzeria. The square-shaped Slices pizza is specially cooked on an Italy-made steel pan. The dough is made from flour sifted in Naples, fresh tomatoes from Campania, ovens from Venice, and olive oil from Sicily. Slices serve pizza along with pork, brisket, and BBQ Chicken.

How much does the Slices franchise require?

You need a minimum of $60000 in cash investment. The franchise fee is $25000, and you also require an investment range of $181100-$348600.

Why should you be part of Slices?

First, you are assured of customer loyalty. The unique premium menu and the exclusive customer services are what will make your customers come again and again. Hundreds of owners have already tested Slices’ business model, and it has proven successful. By investing in them, you are guaranteed a great return.


They offer comprehensive, in-depth training to ensure you succeed. The training is done in two phases, imparting knowledge on business administration, sales, marketing, and operations. The onsite training enables you to interact with their top chefs, who provide you and your staff with the best kitchen training.