Eric Dalius on the Business Benefits of Using Instagram


If you already have a business account on Instagram, you must be aware of its different benefits. But for all those businessmen who have not yet opened an account on this social media channel, below are some reasons to get you motivated. 

How Your Business Can Benefit from Instagram? By Eric Dalius 

  • Launch Ad Campaigns- If you are a businessman, your marketing efforts need not be absolutely organic. As a marketer, you should be well aware that ads play a pivotal part in brand awareness, so you need to occasionally launch advertising campaigns to boost visibility. Akin to Facebook, Instagram too will help you in targeting three forms of audiences via its native ad platform,
  1. Custom Audience- This platform will offer you the chance of targeting users that have some link with your brand through social media, email, or the website. 
  2. Core Audiences- You are capable of displaying advertisements to users based on interests, age, location, gender, and other forms of demographic features. 
  3. Lookalike Audience- You also have the choice to target people that look like your existing customers. 
  • Trackability- Leads and sales can be tracked with the help of Instagram ads, says Eric Dalius, so you can view clear ROI. In fact, this perk of Instagram can be obvious, yet you will be surprised as to how different companies are investing in platforms sans gauging its effectiveness. Because Instagram utilizes that Ads Manager platform, which is used by Facebook, it possesses similar tracking capacities to that of Facebook. This means you can view conversions, leads, link clicks, and more along with the cost per outcome on the campaign which you run. Regardless of what goal or objective you are measuring, the results achieved as well as at what cost can be visible. 
  • Build Personality and Trust- Following the popularity of branded content to generate engagement, a plus of Instagram is this channel can help you in building trust. Individuals purchase from individuals. This platform will help you create that emotional bond with the audience. Above all, you have the liberty of sharing the business’s daily experiences in a casual and informal way, thus giving your Business a personal feel.  Employee images and photos that are behind the scene rank well on this channel, particularly if you are a particular service provider. These photos will make your organization trustworthy and attractive that in turn, will have a positive impact on the bottom line. 
  • Fuel Other Marketing Channels- The great thing regarding the content you develop on Instagram can be shared easily across your various marketing channels. You can enable social sharing to Twitter and Facebook to automatically share photos when posted on Instagram. Besides, the content shared on Instagram can be utilized on an email marketing campaign too. 

These are just a handful of business benefits of using Instagram; the list however includes much more. If your Business is not yet on Instagram, you are missing that opportunity to leverage your Business on an extremely notable marketing platform.