Become a Microsoft Office Specialist (Mos) First To Pursue Other Advanced Certifications

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To excel as an Information technology (IT) professional it is not just enough to acquire a basic qualification because you need to establish your competence in some specific field. You cannot be a Jack of all trades. The world of information technology is too vast, and you must establish your expertise in some specific niche that becomes your distinct identity in the field.  

To become an expert, you must first acquire knowledge and skills and then use your abilities to solve problems consistently and demonstrate your capabilities to the world to earn recognition. While this might help to win the confidence of a small group of people who witness your act, to tell the world about your worth you need the backing of some professional certification that authenticates your claim. It is the reason why professional certificates have high acceptance in the IT field. 

The professional certificate issued by a renowned IT company whose products you use upholds your abilities to the world and is highly valuable for making career advancements.  For example, you might claim that you are an expert in Microsoft Office Systems, which you truly might be but to validate your claim authentically you need Microsoft certification that you can obtain by writing the Certiport MOS exams

Highlight your skills

The field of IT is intensely competitive and to stay ahead in the race, you must add more value to your credentials by acquiring some professional certification that endorses your proficiency in some specific area.  Since the Vendor and not the facilitating company like Certiport issues the certificate after evaluating your abilities through exams and lab tests the certificate carries considerable value for professionals as well as IT companies.  Obtaining a certificate for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certificate would mean that the certificate holder is competent in working with Microsoft Office programs.

For a career beyond IT

Although professional certifications have wide acceptance in the IT sector, the MOS certification has applications even beyond it. Those who are pursuing a career as administrative professionals, business analysts or clerical workers would benefit from the certification that upholds their competency in using all applications that come with the Microsoft Office package like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Access. It means that people who use the computer for day to day work would also find the certification beneficial. Once you become a certified specialist, it opens the doors for career advancement as you stand out from the crowd and make yourself counted.

 Different types of specialists

All MOS certifications are not alike because Microsoft offers separate certifications for its different applications of office packages like Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft Office 365, Exchange and SharePoint.  You can obtain the certification depending on the area of your expertise which means there are different kinds of specialists among Microsoft Office suite users.

In order to obtain advanced Microsoft certifications like Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) and Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), it is a prerequisite to possess a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certificate.