6 Herbs To Boost Testosterone Naturally

Herbal remedies are a new trend in the health industry due to their medicinal properties. In case of mild health issues, you can seek refuge in the herbs and tinctures that promote health. Also, it induces therapeutic effects without contributing to the long-term side effects. Some herbs may boost your testosterone levels and enhance sexual desire in the long run. Try out herbal supplements like ginseng, ashwagandha, and Terrestris. Such supplements act on the neuroendocrine pathways and increase the release of testosterone. 

Here are the top herbs that increase sexual drive by working on hormonal levels.

What Is Testosterone? 


Hormonal changes are quite essential to develop the reproductive organs and sexual functions. One of the most crucial hormones that occur amongst both men as well as women is testosterone. Also, the hormone handles the secondary sexual characteristics in men. A deficiency in the hormonal levels may lead to difficulty in erection, fat storage, and body hair loss. Other than this, it contributes to sleep disturbances and constant fatigue in men. If you experience any such symptoms, you must try out herbal remedies. It enhances the production of testosterone without incorporating side effects. 

Herbs That Boost Testosterone 

If you’re looking forward to seeking herbal therapy, you must know about the ideal herbs. Some effective herbal supplements that increase sexual hormones are Terrestris, Ginseng, and Ashwagandha. 

  1. Cannabis


Another herb to try for low sexual drive and libido is the cannabis Sativa plant. It contains many active constituents like cannabidiol that act on your brain receptors. Also, the chemicals interact with many receptors like cannabinoid, anandamide, and serotonergic receptors. As a result, it can boost your sexual desires and increase the release of sexual hormones. You may try the supplements by CBD pills to help you sleep like tinctures in case of erectile issues. 

  1. Malaysian Ginseng

One of the best herbs for your hormonal deficiency is Malaysian Ginseng or Eurycoma. It grows in Southeast Asia and possesses extensive medicinal properties. With the ginseng extracts, you can achieve antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Along with this, it proves to be of immense use in the traditional medicine world. The herb contains active constituents like ginseng oil and phytosterol that enhance libido. Other than this, the supplements can boost your bone health and increase weight loss. Try out the ginseng extracts to cure erectile dysfunctions and low libido.

  1. Tribulus Terrestris

Puncturevine is a plant native to Southern Eurasia and Africa. It belongs to the Zygophyllaceae family and has therapeutic abilities. If you’re experiencing an inability to maintain or develop penile erectile, then you can try the herb. It comes packed with components like steroidal saponins, flavonoids, and alkaloids. Also, the chemicals act on your brain and promote the release of sexual hormones. Other than this, the herb is effective in increasing muscle mass and enhances sperm count. Get your hands on the tea extracts, tinctures, and powders to include them in your lifestyle.

  1. Ashwagandha 

Traditional medicine uses the goodness of Ashwagandha or Withania somnifera for years now. It is a potent aphrodisiac that acts on nervous pathways. Further, it boosts the levels of sexual hormones. The herb may improve fertility and increase your libido in the long run. The aphrodisiac effects are due to active components like withanolides and withaferin. It increases sperm concentration and enhances your sexual desires. Further, you are likely to get rid of erectile dysfunctions and sexual issues. Make sure to try the tea extracts, powders, and capsules for relief from erectile troubles.

  1. Yohimbe 


Yohimbe or Pausinystalia Yohimbe is your go-to herb for low testosterone levels. It arises from central and western Africa and is an effective aphrodisiac. Also, the herb can enhance the production of testosterone amongst males. It interacts with the receptors and enhances the circulation to your sexual organs. As the circulation improves, the sexual troubles like penile erection disabilities rectify. You can use herbal extracts or bark to promote high libido and sexual intercourse. 

  1. Pine Bark 

Pinus pinaster is yet another herb that works on sexual issues. The herbal bark is rich in components like proanthocyanidins that stimulate brain receptors. Also, it interferes with the neuroendocrine processes and might boost testosterone levels. Long-term consumption of the pine extracts can increase libido and improve blood circulation. Along with this, it enhances the functions of vital organs and strengthens immunity. You can consume the extracts to boost your sexual health and achieve better sexual drive. Don’t forget to learn more about the methods of administration. It allows you to use and obtain fast results through herbal therapy.

Final Verdict

Herbal remedies are quite effective in treating mild to moderate health issues. If you’re tired of low libido, you must try herbal supplements before trying the medications. Some herbs like Ashwagandha, Pine bark, and Yohimbe can enhance sexual desire. Also, it may boost the release of testosterone and curb erectile dysfunctions. You need to consume the supplements on a long-term basis to make the most of the therapy. Not only will it promote sexual functions, but it also improves holistic health. Try to couple up the herbal supplements with other medications for extra effects. That way, you can get rid of the sexual disorders faster.