How Mindful Health Solutions in Los Angeles is Finding Answers For Treatment-Resistant Depression

Many things can impact how you feel emotionally in today’s world. There are numerous events that can change a perspective, cause you to be depressed and impact mental health. Depression is caused from a number of factors and can impact not only your mental health but your overall physical health. If you are experiencing depression, you might be asking yourself if there is a psychiatrist near me that can help. Mindful Health Solutions in Los Angeles offers the professionals who can help restore you to better mental health.

Depression as well as all mental conditions are confusing and overwhelming, but the clinicians and staff at Mindful Health Solutions in Los Angeles are experienced professionals who have the answers you might be looking for. The first step to wellness is reaching out to the professionals at Mindful Health Solutions in Los Angeles.

If you feel isolated from your life, your friends, or family, Mindful Health Solutions can help. Educating you about services and the types of depression that are commonly treated is something they want to do. At Mindful Health Solutions located in Los Angeles, they invite you to take a look at their website, Each patient is treated one-on-one by professionals who are dedicated to treating you with specific answers and treatments, not a one-size-fits-all attitude. The service is truly personal.

The main types of depression are listed below. Let’s take a look at the symptoms. If you are experiencing any, contact Mindful Health Solutions to get started on a path to take back a happy life. Mindful Health Solutions will discuss the many therapy options available.

  1. Major depression: This is a medical condition that a health professional should help you handle. There are a few things that you can do on your own, like get enough physical exercise and avoid drugs or alcohol. Interact with friends and family as much as possible. Then, leave the rest up to the professionals at Mindful Health Solutions in Los Angeles.
  2. Post-partum depression: This is common after childbirth because of a change in physical appearance and hormonal changes that occur in the body. Symptoms include tiredness, no energy and uncontrollable outbursts of crying. Clinicians at Mindful Health Solutions know the symptoms and how to treat them to get you through this time.
  3. Bipolar disorder: This is a mental disorder that results in manic depression that includes high and low mood swings. Changes in sleep habits, behavior, thinking or energy are common. Feeling sad and hopeless one minute and full of energy the next are common symptoms of a bipolar disorder. Treatment from a professional is needed that will include counseling and medications.
  4. Dysthymia: This type of depression is defined as an unhappy or low mood that lasts at least two years. A traumatic life event can easily cause many people to suffer from this type of depression. Symptoms can include a loss of interest from your normal activities. No appetite and feelings of hopelessness or no self-esteem are associated with dysthymia. Treatments include medications and talk therapy with a professional.
  5. Clinical depression: A disorder that includes a loss of interest and a significant impairment to daily life. The persistent feeling of sadness is a major characteristic of clinical depression. Possible causes include changes in brain function or altered brain activity. Talk therapy and medication are usually successful in helping restore energy, concentration and overall better mental health.

There are millions of people who experience these and many other types of depression each day. You are not alone. If you have a persistent feeling of sadness or low mood or consistent mood swings, you could be suffering from depression. Major depression can also be associated with thoughts of suicide or wanting to do harm to yourself or others.

Many times, medication and talk therapy is needed to help patients through depression. One or the other or both medication and talk therapy will usually restore and normalize brain changes that are associated with depression. This is where the professionals at Mindful Health Solutions in Los Angeles can help you.

Once you reach out to them, with each step you take together, you will feel more in control of your life. Their practitioners can help restore you back to health. They have dedicated their careers to education and research. Helping others with mental health conditions is what Mindful Health Solutions is committed to doing.

The team of professionals at the Los Angeles location offer a patient-centered approach and will find the right treatment for your symptoms. We now offer easy registration online with telepsychiatry. Insurance is accepted. Don’t delay. Make your appointment today and get the help you deserve. Contact them at They are located in Los Angeles, California at 5455 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite #903. You are also invited to call them at (844) 867-8444. You may also email them at

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