6 Things You Need to Upgrade Your Kitchen Storage

For many families, your kitchen is where you spend the most time, eating, chatting, and preparing meals on busy days. It’s important that it’s a place where you can find things easily and know where to put them away afterwards. But with constant traffic in and out, kitchens are so often the first room to get messy. 

It’s essential to have a good kitchen organization system. After all, it isn’t just the place where you cook and eat meals, you may also work from home at the kitchen table, have children do their homework or even relax there. This can often mean that your kitchen gets cluttered quickly. 

If you’re struggling to keep the mess away, don’t worry. We’ve got the solution. Here are 6 must-have upgrades to take your kitchen storage to the next level:

Portable Kitchen Island 

If you have the space, a kitchen island can be a great addition to your kitchen. Portable kitchen islands mean you can get that extra storage without having to remodel. And you’ll love the option to roll it to the side if you need more floor space in the kitchen.

Make sure to look for a portable kitchen island that has underneath cabinets and shelving around all sides of the countertop. You’ll love having that extra space when it comes to meal preparation as well.

Slide-Out Pantry Shelves 

A pantry can be an excellent storage space in a kitchen when organized neatly. If you don’t have a pantry, consider repurposing some of the space in a broom closet or linen closet to make room. This is one of the areas that can be a great place to store items for your kitchen and keep the main area tidy.   

Within a pantry or closet, slide-out shelving makes it easy to access items further back. You can use all of the space without forgetting about the old things in the back of the pantry shelves. And you have the option to close off the items and keep it looking neat and minimalistic. 

Drawer Organizers 

Make the most of the kitchen drawers you have with drawer organizers. Find ones customized for specific purposes, rather than generic slots, and you’ll be more likely to keep things in the right places. Make sure that the drawer organizers are the right fit for the drawer, otherwise gaps of space will be wasted. 

Consider customized drawer organizers for frequently used kitchen utensils, such as spatulas and wooden spoons, so that they’re always easy to find. You might also want a drawer of essential baking basics like spices or flour and sugar bins.

Magnetic Knife Strip

Knives storage can definitely afford a makeover. Knives kept in a drawer can be hard to sort and keep track of. It can also be dangerous if they’re not stored correctly. A knife block on the counter often takes up valuable counter space. A magnetic wall strip for knives can be a great storage solution that makes them easy to find, and it can add to the look of the kitchen. 

Frameless Cabinets

If you’re used to making do with the same old cabinets that came with the house, you may not realize how much space you’re losing. The experts at MOD Cabinetry, a custom cabinetry design company, recommend looking into frameless cabinets for increased storage space. They can be a great way to store things more effectively in your kitchen. 

Frameless style cabinets provide extra storage space by eliminating space taken up by frames. The drawers are also larger because they don’t need to fit into sliding frames. In addition to the storage benefits, the frameless cabinet look is also a great modern, sleek upgrade.   

Hanging Hooks

One of the most valuable space saving tools in a kitchen is simple hooks. Hooks on a stove backsplash can be a great place to hang pots and pans for easy access. Attaching hooks on the underside of cupboards, or from the inside shelves, creates hanging space for mugs. 

By choosing the best pieces to display on hooks, you can add to the kitchen aesthetic while freeing up valuable space in cabinets and drawers for other things. 

If you’re looking to expand the storage space in your kitchen, it doesn’t have to take a lot of work or time. Just a few simple changes can help you upgrade your space to fit everything you need.