3 Tips For Designing And Decorating A New Home After You Move In

When moving into a new house, the thought of turning this space into your home can be both exciting and overwhelming. While it can be nice to start with a clean slate, having a clean slate can also be hard to work with. Luckily, there are some guidelines that you can follow when moving into a new home that will make your design and decorating easier to pull together.

To help you see what these things entail, here are three tips for designing and decorating a new home after you move in. 

Get All Your Projects Done First

If you’re able to, Cynthia Bowman, a contributor to MyMove.com, recommends that you try to take care of any projects you’re doing within your new home before you move in. By doing this, you’ll ensure that things get done in a timely manner as well as keeping your belongings out of the way if you’re doing any construction. 

Even if you’re not able to hold off on moving in until you’ve gotten all your projects done, you may want to wait to unpack everything until you have the basics of the home how you want them. In some situations, this could include putting down new flooring or painting. These things are so much easier to do when rooms are basically empty, so try to get projects like this taken care of first. 

Consider Secondhand Furniture

In some situations, you may be struggling with how to design or decorate your new home because you’re moving from a small home into a larger home and you simply don’t know how to fill the space.

If this is an issue you’re dealing with, ArchitectureArtDesigns.com recommends that you start by buying secondhand furniture to help you better understand your space and what your wants and needs are. Then, once you have a better idea of what you want your space to look like or how you’ll use it, you can figure out if you should upgrade your furniture. 

Bring In More Light

One thing that almost every home could have more of is light. With the right lighting, a space can look larger than it actually is and lift the entire vibe of the home. 

Knowing this, Stefan of Homedit.com suggests that you survey your new home to see if there are any areas that are darker than the rest of the house. If you find any, your first priority should be bringing more light into these areas. This can be done by putting in a light fixture, adding a mirror to the space, or putting another reflective surface in that area. 

If you’re unsure how you should go about designing and decorating your new home after you move in, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you with these tasks.