3 Simple Tips For Building a Better Business Profile on LinkedIn

According to their most recently released public numbers, LinkedIn has expanded to host more than 700 million active users. As one of the top business networking platforms on the internet, crafting and maintaining an adequate business profile on LinkedIn can be of the utmost importance. With that being said, business practices and tech trends are almost always changing. Whether you work as an entrepreneur or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, you should consider keeping your LinkedIn profile updated with the following list of Best Practices for 2020.

Today, we are going to introduce our readers to three simple tips that will help to evolve their LinkedIn business profile for upward mobility and profit.

1) Optimize Your Profile – When you register for an account on LinkedIn, you are doing your business and brand a great service. By simply registering and compiling an active profile, you will help your business become more accessible on not just LinkedIn, but on search engines like Google.

In order to maintain and maximize your position in search engines, consider optimizing your entire profile with modern Search Engine Optimization tactics. What does this mean in a practical sense? Hammer on what makes you stand out from the pack while sticking to terms and concepts intrinsic to your industry. You can take a look at this company’s LinkedIn page for an example as to what we mean. If this feels outside of your wheelhouse, consider working with a marketing professional to build the perfect business profile with SEO metrics in mind.

2) Embrace Multimedia – We are living in an increasingly visual world. Never has it been more important for entrepreneurs to understand how to reach their clients through visual media. When you start building your LinkedIn profile, make sure that you optimize your profile with a quality background photo and default picture.

Ideally, you will want to use a professional headshot that is personable and professional for your primary picture. As the first thing people will see when researching your brand, you can make a stunning impression. Your background photo on the other hand should be simple and calming, allowing visitors to read your profile with minimal distraction.

3) Avoid Loaded Phrases – We previously discussed building your profile with search engine results in mind. With that being said, you still cannot become generic. Avoid those common phrases that appear on every resume. Don’t tell people that you are ‘passionate and creative’, get into the specifics as to why you are both of those things.

While keywords can help to boost the visibility of your brand, you will sound just like every other brand that your visitors have come across. Make yourself distinct by embracing specifics and going deeper than simple loaded phrases and cliched keywords.

At the end of the day, building a better LinkedIn profile will require constant maintenance. Make social media outreach a foundational part of your work and you will always find yourself one step ahead of the pack!