Victims’ Group Calls Gary Barber on the Carpet on Valentine’s Day

A group that advocates for Harvey Weinstein’s victims stepped up its efforts last month. The head of Spyglass Entertainment, Gary Barber, promised that he would make a donation to the fund designated for Harvey Weinstein’s victims, but so far, the fund hasn’t seen the money. The group protested at the offices of Spyglass Entertainment on February 14.

In 2019, Gary Barber entered into a partnership with Lantern Entertainment when he took control of the film and TV assets of The Weinstein Company. Lantern Entertainment is the company that purchased Harvey Weinstein’s company after it was forced to declare bankruptcy in 2018.

Maria Contreras Sweet was a former Obama appointee, and she put the group together for the purpose of making an offer for The Weinstein Company. Along with the offer, the group also pledged to create a victim’s fund for Harvey Weinstein’s victims that would be between $30 million and $50 million.

The protesters were unhappy because no one has received a dime of the money from the victim’s fund yet.

The Protest

A witness stated that 10 people appeared at Gary Barber’s exclusive offices in Century City on February 14.

The group gave a statement at the protest in which it called to Gary Barber and Andy Mitchell and Milos Brajovic of Lantern Asset Management Capital Leadership to do the right thing for Harvey Weinstein’s victims.

In the statement, the group said that this situation requires that Gary Barber, Andy Mitchell, and Milos Brajovic begin to act rather than just speak about what they are going to do. It’s time for them to live up to the promises that they made.

The group also stated that money cannot take the victims back to where they were before Harvey Weinstein’s abuse occurred, but the promises that were meant to demonstrate good faith now appear to only be a meaningless gesture.

A Lawsuit

Producer Marvin Peart filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court in 2018 against Lantern Entertainment for fraud, breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation. Peart’s lawsuit alleged that Lantern Entertainment kept him out of the deal with The Weinstein Company even though he brought the two companies together. He was suing for $110 million.

Peart claimed that he was forced out of the deal because of “institutional racism” and other reasons after his actions were instrumental in the purchase of The Weinstein Company.

Peart claims that Lantern Entertainment promised to place him on the new company’s board. He was also to receive $10 million for obtaining the investment that Lantern Entertainment brought to the company.

Lantern Entertainment was contractually obligated to compensate Peart for his contributions to the deal and provide him with a seat on the board of The Weinstein Company. Instead, it is leaving his name out of a great story about how an outsider brokered “the biggest entertainment deal of the year.”

The lawsuit also claims that eliminating Peart from all activities concerning the acquisition of The Weinstein Company causes Lantern Entertainment’s positive proclamations on the subject to be an example of pure fantasy.

The lawsuit stated that it is not just about damages for the plaintiff for breach of contract. The truth is much more dangerous than that. Peart is African American, and he isn’t being allowed to occupy a place at the winner’s table because of his race. There’s no other reason for Lantern Entertainment to treat Mr. Peart this way.

The Peart case against Lantern Entertainment is still ongoing.