A Guide to Australian Visas: What you Need to Know

If you are talking about quality of life, you would be hard-pushed to find a better country than Australia, with warm and friendly people and some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet, and if you are one of the many people who are thinking of visiting this amazing country, you will need to apply for the right type of visa. Here are a few of the major visa types and some information about each, which should help you to apply for the correct visa type.

  • Partner Visa – If your partner is Australian and you would like to migrate to Australia, this is the visa you should apply for. You must submit information about your partner and your relationship, such as your current status, whether you have any children together and the reason for wanting to relocate to Australia.
  • Work Visa – Australia welcomes professional people and those with a trade, and whether you already have an Australian company that wishes to sponsor you, or you would like to advertise your services in the marketplace, you must submit the information required. If you have found a job, then your potential employer would likely handle the visa application, otherwise you are advised to use an immigration agent in Sydney, who will ensure that all required documents are submitted and process the application on your behalf.
  • Student Visa – In the event you wish to study at an Australian university or college, this is the visa to request. You would have to submit copies of qualifications (work and educational), proof of English proficiency level, plus an invitation from an Australian learning institution that gives all the details about the course you are planning to study.
  • Permanent Visa – If you would like to remain in Australia for any length of time, you would need to apply for a permanent visa, and Australian immigration would request a lot of information to help them evaluate your application. Your reasons for wanting to live in Australia would be stated, which might be due to employment or you are in a relationship, or you have family living in Australia, plus you would have to show ample funds and also find an Australian sponsor, who would act as a guarantor while you are in Australia.
  • Visitor Visa – If you would like to take a holiday in Australia or come for a short business trip, you should apply for a visitor visa. As with most developed countries, you are expected to furnish immigration with the required documentation, and rather than take any chances, you should use the services of a leading immigration agent. They fully understand the requirements and will ensure that your application is correct, plus they will process the visa, leaving you free from worry.

If you present your application and submit all the information requested, you should receive your visa within a few days, and if you use the services of an agent, you won’t have to concern yourself with the paperwork and application.