3 Events that Can Radically Change Your Worldview and Lifestyle

It can feel like you’re moving through life on autopilot. Today is very much like yesterday, which was very much like the day before. Tomorrow you expect to be much like today. However, during the course of your life, there are events that can radically change both your worldview and your lifestyle. Sometimes it’s beneficial to think of these things in advance so that these changes don’t seem as surprising or drastic when they actually happen. 

Think of three times in particular that this might happen to you or someone close to you. If there is a wrongful death to a friend or family member, this can change everything about your life. If someone in your family is incarcerated, rightly, or wrongly, it can change the trajectory of your daily existence. And comma if you run into a medical emergency, that can change your professional, financial, and social standing almost immediately. 

Wrongful Death

When a wrongful death occurs in a family, it’s even worse than when a person passes on naturally. Wrongful deaths can be intentional, or they can be accidental. But in either case, the unfairness of the situation sends ripples through an entire family. Depending on who is at fault for a wrongful death, the primary money maker in a family can suddenly be absent, and there are life-changing financial circumstances that immediately occur. 

Even though it may be emotionally trying, consider what would happen to your mindset if someone important to you died through the fault of another. It would change how you perceive your daily life forever. 

Incarceration in the Family

If a family member gets incarcerated, what would you do? It could be your spouse, or one of your children, or even someone in your extended family. It’s crucial that you understand how the law works on a general level so that if something occurs where going to prison or jail is a possibility, you have some base of knowledge to work with. You should hire the best lawyer that you can to make certain that the rights of your family member are defended at every possible moment. 

Medical Emergencies

Finally, if you or a family member goes through a medical emergency, what happens? Is there unemployment insurance that can help cover costs? Do people have health insurance through a provider that pays a reasonable percentage of the costs? How do you continue working? Do schedules change when it comes to childcare or going to class if you are in school? There are so many questions when it comes to medical emergencies because of the uncert