Taking Business to Another Level: What the Perfect Website Requires

Growing a business in today’s digital age can be very difficult without an online presence. The most basic presence a business of any size could have comes in the form of a website. The perfect website can drive leads, make sales, inform customers, and ranks high on search engines due to a good marketing strategy. Putting together a website with a poor design or with an outdated coding language will be easy to see for website visitors. The first impression that many people get of a business is that of their website whether it is a restaurant or a personal injury law firm. The following are details that a perfect website requires as this varies depending on business type and industry. 

Designed with Goals in Mind 

The goals of some businesses are to sell products directly off of the site while others are to set in-person appointments or phone calls. A doctor is going to want their contact information readily available and a section for current patients to set appointments. A restaurant will want its address along with some of its most popular items. Specials can help attract customers which can help stabilize revenue during slower days of the week/times of the year. 

Meet the Staff Page to Help Build Rapport 

Meeting the staff on a particular page can put faces to emails, voices, or names. Listing certain details about the staff can help humanize them in a way that a regular email address simply cannot. Fun details like favorite type of wine or beer can be a touch that allows visitors to see how great a staff truly is. Plenty of companies even add the office dog to the page although this addition is quirky, it is very overplayed at this time. 

Blog with Quality Content Published Regularly 

The company blog should not be advertisements on a constant basis as it will receive very little or no repeat traffic. The creation of generic content is a waste of time or money if you are paying a freelancer. The content published needs to add value to the website and inform customers. Finding freelance writers with experience in content writing jobs in a particular niche can allow for a cheap solution to a content need. Different types of content are important as well with many businesses hosting podcasts on a regular basis. 


Listing a portfolio for a writer or web designer can showcase the quality of work done. A legal professional might list impression cases won or trial results that they are particularly proud of. The right accomplishments being listed can convince a potential client to select an attorney.  Do not be modest about business deals signed or campaigns that were successful as it can help generate business. 

Take the time to create goals and write them out for the professional designer you will be hiring. Take quotes on the project for a few companies or freelancers as you can find very affordable website designers. A person that can help maintain the restaurant for a small fee monthly will take this responsibility off of in-house staff.