6 Springtime Fashion Must-Haves

Spring has officially sprung, and the weather is starting to warm up. It’s time to ditch the boots and baggy jumpers and reach for something a little more delicate like buy jumpers online instead. Spring 2020 sees some of our favorite fashion trends of 2019 still paraded on the catwalks, but other items are taking over the top spot of must-haves in your wardrobe. 

2020 seems to be the year for standing out and individualism with clashing patterns and daring new ways to wear old garments. Read on to find out what must-haves you need for your spring 2020 wardrobe to stay on-trend. 

Oversized Bags 

Gone are the tiny bags of 2019; the fanny pack trend is being left in the festival fields once again. These impractical items, although cute, were less to be desired when professionalism needed to be considered. 

Oversized bags like totes and large leather handbags are the go-to choices for the busy woman this spring. Don’t panic, your collection of small over shoulder bags still have their place for errand days when you don’t need to carry much, but a stylish large bag is a must-have you can’t ignore.  

Hot Pants 

Who wears short shorts! A blast from the past is making a joyful comeback as the catwalk sees models parade in hot pants and mini skirts. These are super fun items to wear that accentuate the figure and go with just about anything in your wardrobe. They can also be stylishly combined to make a Skort, which is an edgy and trending, yet comfortable option.

So grab yourself a denim pair of short shorts or a button-down denim mini because leather is taking a backseat this year.  


When you say the word corset to many women, the first thing that comes to their heads are images of burlesque dancers and losing the ability to breathe. This isn’t the case in 2020, the modern take on the corset not only celebrates the female form but is pulled off in a subtle and elegant way.

Key features such as structured seems, boning, and hook-and-eye fastening all take from the traditional corset style, but modern designers have been inspired to create corset-inspired pieces for all occasions. 

Long live the lingerie revolution!

Retro Prints 

Recent years have seen the use of block colours being the popular choice for easy mixing and matching in our wardrobe. This allowed us to experiment with color and design cuts like peplum tops and wrap around skirts, but 2020 is bringing back prints! 

Playing homage to the 1970’s retro prints are all the rage, including tie-dye. Polka dots have already wowed us on the catwalk, and celebrity red carpets and African fashion prints are a colorful and beautiful choice for dresses.

Please, whatever you do stay away from the banana print, this one should have been firmly left in 2019! 

Colorful Short Jackets

2019 saw the trend of the trench coat taking center stage with women and men’s fashion alike. The beautifully tailored coats will always have a place in our wardrobe, but they’re being ordained as a more formal wear option in 2020. Short, colorful jackets and blazers are taking their place, especially made out of denim. 

Button front detailing, flared sleeves, and scalloped hems all designed to accentuate your waist and add a touch of femininity to a heavy jacket are this years must-have for spring going into summer. You can really set a fashion statement with a hot pink or royal red color, but you will see these jackets for sale in a rainbow of colors and designs appropriate for any occasion.

Jackets can be a costly addition to your wardrobe, but by finding the perfect one, you’ll be happy with your look every time you step out of the door.


Here’s a fashion trend the crafty of us can get behind. Crochet is all the rage, turning this material into beautiful tops with drop down-frills and dramatically patterned dresses and skirts is a modern take on lace garments. 

Crocheted items are very versatile, giving wearers either an elegant, feminine look or an edgy back to basics style. The color choices are endless, but white, mustard, and khaki seem to be top choices on the runway. 

Why not use one of the many patterns available on the internet and strut your stuff in a handmade piece this spring.

Be You!

Fashion trends come and go, and if you’re into staying in tune with the fashion world, it’s important for you to recognize what suits you and what doesn’t. Some trends off of the catwalk are never a good choice for streetwear, so mix and match what you find interesting to showcase your personality. 

There’s a vast selection of fashion trends hitting the spring 2020 streets; some old favorites have made their comeback, and some are modern twists on old ideas. Take from them what you like and what makes you feel good and remember, although it’s a trend, always be true to you!