How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Plumber in Perth?

When calling for a plumber in Perth, there will be two core reasons that you are seeking one out

  • An Emergency plumbing job, for example, a hot water system has died
  • A planned plumbing job, for example, renovating a bathroom

Whether it’s planned or an emergency, it’s handy to know the costs of common plumbing jobs, specifically relative to where you are living.  Let’s take a look at five of the most common jobs, and factors that can affect the cost.

  1. Unclogging a toilet

One of the more common emergency call outs, expect to pay approximately $120.  Bearing in mind, if something more complicated has occurred (say a small child has decided to send a few toys off on an adventure) and obstructions need a little more time and effort to be remedied, then prices may go up.

2. Unclogging a drain

Sometimes home remedies to clear drains don’t seem to work (think bicarb soda and hot water) and a professional plumber is needed to get waste water moving again. 

The plumber would work to flush the pipes.  In Perth, expect to pay approximately $150 for the works to be completed, provided it’s quite a simple fix.

3. Replacing broken taps and toilets

Replacement works in bathrooms and kitchens range from approximately $120 to $150.  This is excluding any parts required, as the plumber will turn the water off while the repair works are done. 

4. Fixing Leaking Pipes

A drop in water pressure in your home or the sudden appearance of extra green patches on your lawn without extra watering can indicate that you have a leaking pipe.

Leaking pipes hiding in walls can cause mold, rot any wood used in formwork, and become costly if they are not addressed.

Plumbers in Perth average approximately $180 to fix a leaking pipe, however, if they are required to do a little work to locate the leak, the average rate starts at $90 per hour.

5. Water Heater Repairs

Enjoying a hot shower or warm bath is a creature comfort we can all take for granted.  When water heaters encounter issues (say an element needs replacing in an electric system), repairs may be the first step before looking at replacing an entire system.  Repairs (excluding parts) may start at around $500 to give a little more life to your existing system.

What Factors Can Affect The Cost Of Hiring My Plumber In Perth?

Some of the common factors that affect cost include the following:

  • Property & plumbing task location
  • Emergency call outs
  • Quality of materials
  • Simplicity vs. Specialty

Property & plumbing task location

The location of your property in Perth may influence the cost.   It’s a good idea to check with the plumber if they service your area.  If the answer is yes, the next consideration is property access & where the task is located.   For example, if you are in the Perth Hills, and looking to resolve a granny flat issue that is harder to access than the main property then it could add to costs.

Emergency call outs

Imagine a pipe bursts in your home at midnight, or during the Christmas period when you have family from overseas staying with you. A plumber may have a minimum emergency call out fee to cover his costs at this time of day or time of year. 

Quality of materials

Replacing taps, toilets, hot water systems and pipes can all affect plumbing costs.   Older heritage homes may have different requirements for a newer build or a renovation project, so ask your plumber for options and recommendations.

Simplicity vs. Specialty

A simple plumbing job such as unclogging a drain will have a lower cost, versus one that requires more specialist skills.  Specialist skills can involve dealing with mains for gas and water, renovation projects, or where other structures are impacted.

When you are looking at a plumber in Perth, factor in their experience and expertise, and check on hourly rates vs. a fixed price quote.