What Are the Main Positions of a Superior Logistics Team?

There are several main positions within a logistics team which are vital to its proper running – like cogs in a machine, each position interlocks with the next to create a finely tuned mechanism. But what exactly are these positions, and what do they do?

The Positions


This is the most fundamental position within a logistics team; an analyst gathers data to report on what patterns they can find and identify problem areas within the business. They also function as trendspotters, and the information they gather is useful not just within logistics but for marketing strategy as well. Although you can employ an entry level analyst and they will get the job done, this is very much a position where value correlates directly with experience, so you should look into hiring an analyst with more than a few years under their belt. Analysts may be considered the foundations of the logistics team, and it’s important to hire the right ones.

Supply Chain manager

As the name suggests, a supply chain manager supervises the entire supply chain and ensures everything is running smoothly, problem solving and troubleshooting along the way. This person is vital to the smooth operation of your business and needs to have their head screwed on straight at all times, as well as having excellent communication and relationship management skills. This person will also need to have an extremely detailed understanding of your business and how it runs, so as well as looking for experience and track record this needs o be someone you will be comfortable working closely with.

Purchasing manager

The third vital position within a logistics team is the purchasing manager, who will be in charge of finding the best suppliers from whom o buy materials and services that keep your business running. They will work closely with the supply chain manager to ensure smooth operations, as well as personally managing the relationships with suppliers. This relationship management is a top skill for a purchasing manager as it’s what creates long lasting, lucrative relationships both for your business and for the suppliers in question. They must also have top notch organisational skills in order to coordinate deliveries and shipments with warehouses.

Logistics Analysts Recruitment Solutions

These are the three most important positions within a logistics team and it can be difficult to be sure you’re hiring the right talent, which is why you should look into logistics recruitment solutions from Culver. This will ensure you’re choosing from a pool of top talent who are more than qualified for the job, and also that each candidate will have been appropriately vetted to find the perfect match for your business.

Finding the perfect logistics team is important, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Using the services out there to help you cherry pick the right team will make sure your logistics department is up and running in no time.