How to Make Your Kitchen Look Like a Designer Kitchen

In this era, a compelling kitchen has been the pivotal point of a contemporary home. Imagine having a dinner party in your house with friends and family, enjoying tasty meals, sipping your favorite wine, and tossing the glasses in the air. All that calls for a delightful kitchen that will ooze all sorts of tranquility and magnetism. 

Transforming your old-fashioned kitchen into a designer one needs money, time, and effort. Redesigning a kitchen is one of the costly home improvement projects. However, a designer kitchen doesn’t have to empty your pockets to the last penny. Here are some great tips on how to redesign your kitchen. 

1. Improve the Lighting 

Many people tend to pay less attention to lights when remodeling their kitchen. The truth is that tons of people have a habit of looking up to the ceiling whenever they enter a room. Make use of hanging fittings to give your roof a fascinating look. 

Setting lighting fixtures in the dining area or above your kitchen island work miracles in illuminating the entire room. Amazingly, globe fixtures are inexpensive, yet they entirely uplift a variety of decors; just like a Karlstad cover for furniture.. Although dimming lights are cheap, they appear expensive and so installing them creates a luxurious ambiance.

Remember to fix task lighting, especially beneath the cabinets. Battery-powered LED lights are cheap and simple to fix since you just stick them using adhesive. Install them beneath the cabinets that you spend a lot of your time. 

2. Remodel Your Old Cabinets Using New Hardware

Brightening up your cabinets doesn’t mean buying new ones. You can be creative in upgrading your tired cabinets by adding some new hardware. For instance, beautify the handles, door pulls, and hinges with decorative elements using handmade pieces.

All you need is to make the right choice of the pieces to ensure they can perfectly fit in your cabinets’ holes. It’s possible for traditional caulk or spackle to shrink and, so, experts recommend the usage of non-shrinking wood auto body filler.

Change the design of cabinet knobs and drawer pulls but ensure you maintain the same finish for a rationalized look. In case your kitchen has drawers and cabinets, use different hardware on each to add magnificence to your décor.

3. Decorate the Ceiling

People forget to upgrade their roof because they feel it’s less important. However, it’s possible for the ceiling to either absorb or reflect light down, which is imperative for food preparation. 

A light hue gives you a better chance to perform your kitchen chores with ease even at night. You will need to tailor the ceiling to suit your taste, ensure it is dark or light according to your preference.  

4. Paint Your Kitchen 

Applying a pricey fresh paint can makeover your kitchen, giving it a new look. Cream and beige can make your kitchen look sophisticated and classy. Likewise, black, grey, and other dark colors beautify a modern kitchen, making it more charming and magnetic.

On the other hand, white illuminates the kitchen, making it appear bigger. For a charming designer kitchen, consider combining white paint with wood and metallic highlights. It’s not a must to paint the entire kitchen; you can opt to paint the cabinets which can bring a total change.

Likewise, painting your feature walls adds some spark to your kitchen, and you can either use rough wallpaper or paint it yourself.

5. Use the Marble Charm

Having marbles in your kitchen makes it captivating as it displays stylishness and luxuriousness. You don’t have to pull off all your countertops to replace them with marble. Instead, adding minute hints of marble to your kitchen can make an immense difference.

You can use marbles to make a small baking space in your kitchen. Additionally, marble tiles form an attention-grabbing backsplash and, also, you can use them to change a part of your floor.

Marbles work perfectly with a variety of color schemes, and they are usable in many ways. Adding a minor touch of it in your kitchen can make it appear classier.

6. Elevate Your View

Customizing a great view at the exterior of your kitchen window makes a big difference. They enhance pictorial interest, especially if the place isn’t favorable to old-fashioned window treatments.

Hanging flowers or ferns at the exterior of your kitchen windows improves its appearance and attracts an impression of deluxe and lush space. Supplement all these with some herb gardens to the counter space, outside the windows, or over the sink.

7. Upgrade Your Utensils and Appliances

Your visitors are likely to gauge your kitchen’s worth by the kind of utensils you serve them food and drinks in. Purchase new plates, cups, glasses, and bowls. Stemware creates a powerful impression in your kitchen, and most importantly, new ones don’t have to be costly to appear classy.

Displaying the stemware in a magnificent open cabinet makes your kitchen look more alluring and welcoming. Similarly, consider getting new appliances to complement your kitchen like refrigerator, blender by Bill Lentis, toaster, and microwave. Do not forget to purchase the best dishwasher to help you complete kitchen tasks easily and quickly. 

8. Create Open Shelves

Having open shelves works magic in displaying your pretty glassware, or serve ware. Make use of your blank walls to create open shelves for a proper organization of your kitchenware. Include some brackets to add a tad of sophistication. You can also choose cabinets with glass frames to display your eye-catching glasses and other expensive utensils. 

9. Change Your Kitchen Floor 

When changing the face of your kitchen, it’s worthwhile also to alter the appearance of the floor. You can upgrade your floor through the use of tiles or hardwood depending on your taste. However, due to the high moisture in the kitchen, solid wood is not recommendable.

For a durable floor, engineered wood works better, but they can’t outweigh tiles. Additionally, vinyl is an incredible and budget-friendly flooring option. It’s long-lasting, resemblant of natural materials, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. 

It’s possible to achieve a designer’s kitchen without spending too much on it. Some decorations are cheap yet add glitter to your kitchen, giving it an expensive look. Although kitchen upgrading can be overwhelming, even the slightest details can bring out a significant change. 

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