5 Jobs That Let You Travel

If you’re the kind of person that loves to travel or is constantly dreaming about exploring far-off lands, why not get paid to do it? Instead of sitting behind a desk and only getting to travel a few times a year, earn your living by traveling the world. The five jobs listed below allow you to build your career, earn money, and see the world.

  • Flight Attendant

Traveling can get expensive. Airfare alone can easily cost you thousands of dollars. As a flight attendant, you’ll earn your living traveling across the world. After you’ve built up some experience, you’ll be assigned flights that take you to Japan, Canada, Europe, Southeast Asia, and more. The best part? Flight attendants and close family members qualify for discounted or even free airfare. 

  • Cruise Ship Worker

Cruise ships leave from different ports all around the globe. Cruise ship employees get free room and board so you won’t have to worry about where to stay. While you’ll have to work hard and put in a lot of long hours, you’ll get to travel to incredible locations while getting paid. Like the vacation life but not looking to work as a cabin steward or cruise chef? You can find unique opportunities if you know where to look—try connecting with InCruises discount travel club on LinkedIn—that enable you to see the world and make a living doing it.

  • International Aid Worker

If you have a passion for helping people and a desire to travel, consider volunteering or working as an international aid worker. The Peace Corps, Red Cross, USAID, and more all provide international job opportunities for a full salary, free housing, and student loan deferment. You’ll be responsible for helping areas and residents affected by natural disasters, war, and famine. Plus, the experience will look great on your resume. 

  • Foreign Service Officer

Similar to diplomats, foreign service officers get to travel the world while assisting with complex political issues like refugee flow, immigration, and disaster aid. You’ll get to represent the United States while interacting with foreign leaders and diplomats. Most foreign service officers are reassigned every few years so you’ll get to see even more of the world.

  • English Teacher

Native English speakers have a great opportunity to travel around the globe. There are several organizations that hire English speakers for a full salary and great benefits. You could be assigned to countries across Asia, Europe, and Mexico. If you’re a student, spending a semester abroad teaching English is a great way to stand out on your resume.

Whatever your skillset, there are plenty of job opportunities available that allow you to travel the world while still earning a living. You’ll get to explore incredible places, build experience, and satisfy your craving for travel.