8 Summer Driving Safety Tips

Heading out on the road this summer? Whether you are driving for work or for fun, you and your vehicle need to be prepared for hot weather and the rain that sometimes comes with it. Nothing puts a damper on a great summer drive like a wheel-gripping, tension-inducing downpour or car failure. With these tips for keeping your car on the road and you and your passengers safe, you’re on your way to your best summer road trip yet!

  1. Maintain your vehicle

Remember to keep up with your regular tune-ups, tire rotations and oil changes to help you avoid breakdowns and get to your destination successfully. Check tire pressure and condition, fluids and coolant, and pack an emergency kit just in case your car breaks down.

  1. Never leave children or pets in the car

Even if the weather outside doesn’t seem that hot, the inside of a car heats up quickly and can get to well over 40 degrees. It doesn’t matter the duration of time you’re going to be out of the vehicle, never leave children or pets inside.


  1. Don’t drive distracted

Even though the roads may seem easier to drive, you still need to pay attention to the road. Summer driving comes with it’s own hazards, like standing water and potholes. Leave things like navigation and phone checking to a passenger in your vehicle. If you need to text or change your destination, pull over.


  1. Get a good night’s rest

Driving while groggy or tired is one of the leading causes of automobile collisions. Make sure that you get a full night’s rest before embarking on your trip.

  1. Be prepared

Plan your route ahead of time and have a map in your vehicle in case your gps or cell phone malfunctions. Keep an emergency kit in your car for quick repairs on the road.

  1. Keep your distance from other vehicles

Everybody loves summer road trips, and unfortunately that means there’s going to be a lot more traffic on highway routes, especially if you’re heading to cottage country. Even with heavy traffic, always maintain a safe distance between you and other vehicles. Staying too close to other cars while driving at high speeds is a leading cause of automobile collisions on the highway, so make sure to keep at least five meters of distance between you and the driver in front of you.

  1. Prepare for heavy rain

The summer season means periods of heavy rain and poor visibility. When driving through rain, slow down, even when on the highway. Driving at high speeds in heavy rain is extremely dangerous, as large amounts of water could cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

  1. Keep your car as cool as possible

Heat and sun can be tough on your vehicle. When possible, keep your car in shaded areas so that when you get back in it takes less time to cool down, and your engine remains at a lower temperature.

Driving in the summer is a great way to explore! Make sure that you’re driving with the right insurance coverage so that you and your family feel safe on the road.