Things to Know About Pruning Your Trees

A poorly managed tree with dead and long branches can make your home’s appearance look scruffy. Even your neighbors won’t feel good about it, so consider hiring a professional tree service to assist you with pruning your trees. Pruning helps the tree grow healthy and look attractive by keeping it in good shape. It is essential to prune the tree correctly; else you might end up damaging the tree. I usually hire tree trimming and removal services near me in Melbourne, and keep my trees in proper shape without damaging them.

Apart from pruning trees, you need to know when and how to prune the trees. You can’t prune the trees as per your wish if you want to maintain the growth of your trees you need to be careful with it.

Is Pruning Good For Trees?

Pruning can improve the overall growth of the tree as well as restrict the growth where too much growth is undesirable. And removing dead and damaged branches will save the tree from being more damaged, you should get rid of such branches as soon as possible.

So, we can say pruning is always good for trees, but there are a specific time and ways for pruning the trees. Go through the end of the article to know more about pruning

When And How Often Should You Trim Your Trees?

Generally, most trees get to benefit from pruning in mid to late winter.

Before pruning, you should be aware of a few things about why you want to prune the trees. Are you trying to prune a tree for shade or height? Has your tree been pruned recently? Your final goal needs to be precise.

The reasons for pruning will influence when you prune the trees. You can prune lightly or remove dead branches at any time, but if you want heavy pruning, you need to plan your pruning for the correct season.

For instance, pruning trees in the winter will help them grow properly during the spring. While pruning in the summer will slow down the growth of the cut branches. If you’re planning to shape your trees or slow the growth of branches, you can prune in summer.

It’s good to trim or prune trees once every year during the dormant season, but it can vary depending on the species of the tree. And some exceptional circumstances can lead to immediate pruning:

  • Obstructing visibility of a person or vehicles
  • Tree branches interfering with power lines. 
  • Threatening home or property due to the growth of a tree.

If you feel your tree might cause damage to your property and needs to be pruned, it’s essential to contact a tree service provider to help with the trimming professionally.

How to Safely Trim a Tree?

Safety always comes to priority while trimming a tree. The best way to ensure safety is to hire an arborist to trim your trees. Trimming large trees often require a ladder and sometimes puts the trimmer close to power lines, which can be dangerous. In such a case, you need to leave tree trimming to a professional.

However, if you have specific skills to make the work done. Let me help you with size guide to help you determine if it’s safe to cut the branches or not:

  • You can trim the branches smaller than 2 inches in diameter
  • If the branches are between 2 and 4 inches in diameter, think twice about the consequences. You might damage the tree or property.
  • And for the branches larger than 4 inches. Contact an arborist, better leave the heavy works for professionals

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