Do Men Really Think about Sex all the Time?

A common myth is that men think about sex every seven seconds. That would mean during their 16 waking hours, men are thinking about getting laid more than 8,000 times. It is almost impossible to live with that much amount erotic thought.

On the other hand, research has proven that in comparison with women, men do think about sex more often. The interesting bit is that the difference between the genders isn’t that much! According to a study that was published in The Journal of Sex Research, an average woman thinks about sex 10 times a day, whereas an average man thinks about sex about 18-19 times in a day. Pretty acceptable.

Men are Not Just Thinking of Sex, They are Thinking How to make it the Best

The fact is that men are not simply thinking about having sex. They are actually thinking about ways to make the experience more interesting and exciting for both partners. In their search for the best sexual performance, many men are the best male enhancement pills, like Max Hard says Men’s Health Digest, a site known for its unbiased reviews of the top supplements for male enhancement.

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Reason Men are More Driven to Sex

Here too, the common misconception is that a man always approaches a woman with just one thought – how can he get her in bed? Even a slightly erotic advertisement is sufficient to excite them enough to think about sex. However, the reality is that studies have shown that the male psyche is sensitive towards certain visual stimuli. That is why some men instinctively react to legs, eyes and curves or get stimulated easily.

Men have a natural tendency to fantasize, since it is part of their genetic makeup, suggest various sexologists, psychologists, sociologists and anthropologists; however, women too have the DNA that can make them fantasize.

It is Not Only Men Who Think of Sex

It is often seen that men like to take the lead or initiate a sexual act. However, in recent times, women have started to become more vocal about their sexual desires. They are ready to role play, try sex toys and experiment with sexual activities. It is only our socialization that makes men and women behave differently, rather than it being something natural.

So, the bottom line is that both genders are equally interested in a fulfilling and exciting sexual experience. The best way to ensure that the experience is satisfying is to boost your performance with the best male enhancement products.