What is a Growth Mindset for Weight Loss?

If we are honest, we all know the basic steps we need to take to lose weight. For instance, we know we need to eat more healthy foods and less processed junk — and monitor our portion sizes, too. And how can we forget that exercise is also a key factor in kicking the weight to the curb forever?

But if we know all this, why do we struggle so much when trying to lose weight?

It all comes down to your mindset.

Negative thoughts and self-doubt can sabotage your weight loss goals in an instant. With a growth mindset, you can win the battle over getting healthy once and for all.

Understanding a Growth Mindset

“Diets just don’t work for me.”

“I was made to be overweight.”

“I just don’t have the time to exercise.”

If you have ever told yourself any of these things, you do not have the proper mindset.

With a growth mindset, you do not see things as fixed or stuck. Rather, you welcome change.

This outlook helps you to know and understand that change is possible — and that nothing stays the same forever. It will also help you to remember that by changing your habits you will yield the right results. So, when you see a mountain before you, you will start climbing, adapting to the terrain as you go. You will embrace the challenge.

But what happens if you don’t have a growth mindset? Without it, you will see the mountain before you and sit down (likely with your arms folded) because you aren’t prepared for the climb.

See the difference?

Developing a Growth Mindset

So, how can we apply a growth mindset for successful weight loss? Check out these tips.

Keep Moving Forward

Let’s be real — there is going to be a moment when the greasy, cheesy pepperoni pizza wins. You ate it and enjoyed every bite of it. What do you do next?

You could beat yourself up over it, tell yourself that you ruined your diet, and then just give up. Or, you could practice a growth mindset and keep pushing forward, getting right back on track.

These moments, like obstacles, are going to happen. And when they do, you can give yourself grace and pick right back up with your healthy food choices.

Focus on the Bigger Picture

When dieting, it is so easy to focus on losing 5 lbs or getting into a smaller pant size without thinking of anything beyond that. Unfortunately, those who focus on these things tend to reach their goal, get excited, and lose their motivation. And, why not? They just crushed their goal.

This is precisely why so many nutrition coaches will work to help you create lifestyle changes — rather than focusing on using dieting tricks to satisfy a specific goal. With a growth mindset, the idea is to focus on the bigger picture of getting healthier and becoming a newer version of yourself.

Even when you lose those 5 lbs, there is always room to keep growing and changing your body.

Find a Mentor

Speaking of nutrition coaches, it is always a great idea to have a mentor to help you on your journey. This should be someone who has a growth mindset so that they can lead you in developing and nurturing your own. A mentor will challenge you and encourage you so that you can flourish in your weight loss.

At the same time, you want to find ways to reduce the time you spend with those who don’t possess the same outlook. Don’t let someone else’s negativity throw you off course or limit your success.

Surround yourself with a positive influence on the outside and it is sure to help you grow on the inside.

Adopt these practices and you will be well on your way to a growth mindset and weight loss success.
The nutrition coaches of Beyond the Box Nutrition take you beyond dieting, helping you to create a balanced lifestyle and a healthy relationship with food with a plan designed to fit your life.