Reasons to use a self storage unit

Self storage units have become an increasingly common storage solution for people with storage dilemmas. The self storage industry for personal and business storage has exploded in recent years, hence self storage facility sites have begun cropping up here, there, and everywhere. Here we delve into some of the reasons people decide to use a self storage unit.

To make the process of moving home easier

Selling up and buying a new home is a big deal. It is all easy to accumulate tons of household possessions, including ornaments, furniture, beds, dishwashers, washing machines, driers, hoovers, fridges, freezers, garden tools and plenty more. Moving all these items in one go can be difficult. 

How do you transfer your possessions to your new place when buying and selling a house is such an uncertain process? Many people believe that hiring a self storage space is the perfect temporary storage solution while they are waiting for the sale and purchase to be processed and go through. Now Storage is a self storage provider with units capable of securely storing the possessions of properties with five or more bedrooms, you’ll be able to get everything in!

If you have a new baby coming soon 

A typical reason for moving home and wanting to use a self storage unit is if you have a new baby on the way soon. A self storage unit may not only serve as a short-term storage solution for when you are moving house, you can also use one as storage when your child has grown up and you are all done with prams, cots, baby clothes and so on. Babies are adorable, but you can quickly acquire a large chunk of household clutter along the way if you are not careful. 

To store collectables or memorabilia

Are you a keen collector of collectable items or memorabilia and don’t want to end up a hoarder with a completely cluttered home? In that case, using a self storage unit with controlled access from a reputable provider is a brilliant way to house treasured collectibles and memorabilia of yours. After all, some of those items may have been passed down through your family or you will have had them since children.

To help store garden furniture and tools

Do you simply love showing off your outdoor space to visitors to your home? Garden furniture such as sofas, chairs, and tables can do marvels for sprucing up your garden space. Garden tools like lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, rakes and so on can be hard to store safely and securely in a shed in your back garden

Why not store your garden furniture and tools in a storage unit? Many people decide to use a storage unit for this precise reason.

If you are intending on moving abroad 

You may be going to work or study overseas for a few months, or permanently moving overseas. You may need a self storage unit for when you pop back home to visit, since you might not want to brings certain things overseas with you, but you may not want to throw them away entirely 

Major home renovations

Major home renovations such as extensions can truly turn your house upside down.. Therefore, many people decide to hire a self storage unit as a practical storage solution while home renovations are being carried out. 

Student storage

Student home living space is often limited and they tend to lack significant storage. Are you a student who simply has too much stuff and is unable to store it away neatly? If so, a self storage unit could be just the perfect solution for you! 

To help keep your home office nice and tidy

Many people have switched to remote working in recent times. When working from home, keeping your home office space neat and well-organized is essential. Some people decide to hire a self storage unit in order to help keep their home office space nice and clutter free. Concentration is key when it comes to working from your home office!

Business storage 

There are many reasons why businesses would want to use self storage facilities, including to store stock, inventory, supplies, and more. Having a sizable self storage unit to use is particularly useful for online retail businesses with large customer bases and plenty of goods to supply customers with for instance. 

Storage units can also be used to store office equipment, power tools connected to businesses, and even work-related vehicles such as removal vans.