Struggling To Keep Up With Friends? Here Are 8 Activities You Can Enjoy Together!

These days, life feels busier than it used to be. Sometimes it feels like it is a lot more difficult than it should be to make sure we keep up with our friends and loved ones, and plans to catch up often get pushed off of the calendar in favour of things that seem more important. But our friendships are important for our personal wellbeing, so it matters for you to find a way to fit them in! Sometimes, it can be better to find a dedicated activity that you enjoy together as it is harder to pus such a commitment from your calendar. But how can you decide what to do? Well, we have put together this handy list of 5 activities to help you start choosing something to enjoy with your friends. Hopefully, it helps you start to prioritise your friendships!

  1. Playing tennis

As well as being a great way to spend time with a friend, playing tennis has the great benefit of being great for your physical health, which in turn is good for your mental health – tennis is a worthwhile activity even if you don’t have a friend you want to play it with! But as a friendship bonding activity, it is really great – you can play a relaxed game against each other before stopping at the club for a drink or cup of tea when you’re finished. So why not buy yourself a tennis racket at TennisHQ.

  1. Long walks

Getting out and about in the fresh air is a great way to spend some time, and when you go with a friend it is also a fantastic opportunity to catch up. Though you are enjoying the activity of navigating the terrain and enjoying the scenery, there is also nothing in the way of lengthy conversations without the usual interruptions of modern life. Plus, it is a great way to get to know your local area better!

  1. Running

Running is often thought of as a solitary activity, but it does not have to be and many even find themselves more motivated and dedicated when they start treating it as – well, not a team sport exactly, but one you do together! Running with a friend keeps you both motivated, helps you to push each other, and some quiet runs are even great for conversation (though we don’t recommend trying to catch up at the same time as trying to set a personal best!)

  1. Dog walking

Similar to long walks sans four legged friends, dog walking is a great way to get out of the house and explore your local area – with the added bonus of spending time with an adorable dog or puppy! The combination of getting out walking, spending time with an animal, and spending time with a friend, is a triple whammy for your mental health as well as providing a great opportunity for a catch up while you walk. If needs be, dog walking can even be a good opportunity to make a little extra money!

  1. Taking classes

Not everything has to be physically active – if you are at a loss for how to spend time with your friend, why not take a class together? You could both bond over learning a new hobby!

As life gets busier and busier, it can be really difficult to make time to just hang out with our friends – no matter how treasured they may be. However, if you decide on a specific activity you and your friend can enjoy together, then it suddenly becomes mentally easier to carve out a block of time and commit to it – it becomes a fruitful, dedicated activity rather than ‘just a catch up’ or drink! Hopefully, at least one of the ideas on this list will give you an idea of something fun you can enjoy with your friends and keep those all important friendships going.