Gouache Paint – What is It?

In the world of art, there is a wide variety of techniques used to create beautiful and expressive pieces. Gouache paints are most commonly used in illustrations and cartoons because they provide a vibrant and opaque colour.

Gouache is a type of opaque watercolour paint. It is usually made from powdered pigments, chalk and gum Arabic.

Gouache paint is a water-based paint that was developed in the 16th century by French artists. The word gouache comes from the French word “gouache” which means “smear”. The term was initially used to describe any opaque watercolour, but today it refers to a specific type of opaque watercolour that can be diluted with water.

Gouache paints are made from finely ground chalk and pigment. These two ingredients are mixed together with distilled water to make an extremely thick paint which can be applied directly on paper or canvas with brushes or sponges.

Gouache paint has been around since the 1600s, when it was first used in Europe as a relatively cheap alternative to oil paints. It is made with pigment, water and gum Arabic, which is extracted from the sap of acacia trees. The gum acts as an adhesive for the pigment particles and also helps to keep them suspended in the water base.

The modern version of gouache paint was developed in the 1850s by Louis Gallait, a Belgian painter who wanted to create an opaque watercolour that could be used to paint on glass or porcelain.

You can paint with gouache on almost any surface, including paper, canvas and wood. However, it’s best used on absorbent surfaces like paper because it can crack if exposed to extreme heat or cold. Gouache can be used for both finished paintings as well as sketches because it dries quickly and produces vibrant colours when applied in layers.

Because of its fast drying time (about 10 minutes), gouache is also ideal for working in layers to achieve different effects such as highlights and shadows. You can also mix gouache with other mediums to create unique effects such as adding gold leafing or glittering particles into your work.

Gouache paintings are very popular among collectors because of its high quality, vibrant colours and its many uses.

Gouache paintings are usually created using acrylic paints on canvas or paper. These types of paintings are often used as interior decorating pieces in homes, offices and restaurants. They can also be used for framing or wall hanging purposes.

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