How To Maximize Kitchen Space

Kitchens are the heart of every home, but for many homeowners, they are simply not big enough. Maximizing kitchen space is an issue, whether you have an apartment in Tokyo, or a Michelin star restaurant in New York. Principles such as the “kitchen work triangle”, or the “golden triangle” remain valued staples of kitchen design, a century after they were first introduced. However, for many people, implementing these rules is not possible, because their kitchens are irregularly shaped, and so small that homeowners have to rely on a whole new bag of tricks to maximize their kitchen space. 

Get Some Cabinets

From utensils to groceries, your kitchen stores a lot of things that are essential for cooking and eating. Appliances alone can gobble up space that would otherwise be used for storing pots, pans, dishes, and other items. So, you need to get cabinets for your kitchen. With cabinet refinishing, you can turn the cabinets into a work of art, seamlessly blending them with your kitchen’s overall design. Cabinets will add space to your kitchen, and make it look that much more orderly. 

Invest in Drawers

Get as many drawers as you can possibly get! Drawers are an excellent way to organize small accessories that you don;t want to drown in a cabinet. I’m talking about things like vegetable peelers, cutting knives, and wooden spoons.

To make your drawers even more organized, get dividers so that everything is sorted in a nice, clean way. 

Embrace Open Plans

Openness is not only good for relationships, it’s great for kitchen designs too. Have the most commonly used items, such as salt, utensils, pepper, cloths, olive oil and things like that, within easy reach, and out in the open.This will save you plenty of time when you’re looking for them. 

Hang What You Can

The most frequently used spaces get dirty pretty quickly. Make it easier on yourself by having as many items hang rather than leaning. This will declutter your most frequently used spaces, and make it easier to clean and maneuver around. 

Use Space Saving Accessories

Use space-saving accessories such as stackable knives, or measuring cups. These simple solutions will not only save space, they will also save you time. They may seem like small solutions, but the sum of all these solutions will generate huge savings in space. 

Use Mobile Components Where You Can

For small kitchens, using mobile components can make a huge difference. When you need them you bring them out, and when you don’t, you take them out of sight. They can add countertop space, or give you more shelves when you need it, or just provide extra worktop space. 

Purchase Ready-Made Kits

Ready-made kits are very convenient and space-saving. There are a range of ready-made kits you can use, made out of different materials, and patterns and sold at different prices. For instance, you could get a full island, with everything laid out for you. 


The most important thing is to understand the kind of space you are working in, in order for you to successfully maximize kitchen space.