Top Racing Seats to Buy in 2022

Want your car to have the Fast & Furious look while being safe and comfortable? Try racing seats. If you take part in track racing, you know how crucial a good racing seat is to your performance.

Racing seats are formfitting and give the grip you need for control and steering. The enhanced control increases your safety and support of the track. Racing seats provide extra comfort for long drives and help your car stand out with a sleek sports look.

There are several types of driving seats on the market. So it’s important to know what you’re looking for and where to start.

To help you, we’ve gathered a list of the top racing seats to buy in 2022. Sit down, strap in, and read on!

What to Look For in Performance Racing Seats

Comfort and fit will be at the forefront of your mind when picking a racing seat. Pay attention if the seat is adjustable or fixed, as this will play into how comfortable the chair is. Familiarize yourself with reliable brands that won’t break the bank.

Top Racing Seats to Buy In 2022

We’ve gathered a list of the top racing seats from long-standing brands like Sparco, Momo, and Jegs. These types of driving seats are the best of the best.

1. Momo 1076BLK

Momo is an Italian company known for its high-quality racing seats. This model is stable, comfortable, and sturdy. It weighs only 25lbs and won’t break the bank. Get this seat if you want comfort, security, and style.

2. Sparco R100

A recent addition to Sparco’s steel-model racing seats, this model has a tubular steel frame.  You can bottom mount this seat, which means it can fit every car model. The padding makes it comfortable, and it reclines to give you extra relaxation.

For racers, it’s compatible with a three and four-point harness.

3. NRG FRP-310

These bucket seats have foam and woven upholstery for a sleek and comfortable look. You and your passenger will be safe with their deep hip bolsters. Plus, they are suitable for four, five, and six-point harnesses.

4. JEGS 70200 Pro High Back

If you want to style on a budget, try this race seat. It’s adjustable and fits in most car models. You can also use it as a gaming chair! It’s inexpensive and lightweight, weighing only 13lbs.

5. PVC Leather Type-4

Don’t let the lack of brand name scare you away. These racing seats are fully reclinable and offer style with their black and red carbon look. They are inexpensive and secure, with a solid steel frame.

Their leather finish, adjustable sliders, and lightweight design make these no-name seats a steal!

Finding the Best Racing Seat Is Easy

Proper racing seats will add comfort and safety to your car. Don’t get overwhelmed by the different types of driving seats out there. Stick with reliable brands, ask professionals, and read reviews beforehand.

Soon you’ll be living fast and furious!

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