How to Live an Active Lifestyle With an Inherited Neurological Disorder

Neurological disorders affect the autonomic and central nervous systems and the brain. Several factors are likely to trigger the condition, including physical or psychological trauma and stress. You can also inherit this disorder. If one or more people from your family suffer from an inherited neurological disorder, there is a possibility you can suffer from this condition during your lifetime.

Exercise on a Regular Basis

You need to exercise for at least 40 minutes four times a week. Exercise will supply more oxygen to the brain to stimulate your sensory and motor systems. It will also help boost the brain to dispose of wastes accordingly. If you don’t exercise, your brain will have inadequate oxygen to clear debris.

Do Physical Therapy

Physical therapy will improve your mental health. It involves using physical methods like heat treatment, exercise, and massage. If you’re suffering from any inherited neurological disorder such as Charcot-Marie-tooth disease, seeking physical therapy is a fantastic idea. A professional physical therapist can help if you have been impaired or immobilized in your flexibility and movement because of a neurology inherited disorder. They can look at your habits, limits of motion, and behaviors to develop a physical therapy program that can keep you active and improve your mental health.

Eat a Healthy Brain Diet

Like many other conditions, patients with inherited neurological disorder should not eat processed foods since they can worsen the symptoms. The best diet for neurology disorder patients is rich in quality proteins, healthy fats, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

Rest Your Brain

Having good sleep hygiene can help control your condition. Having enough sleep will help you keep your neurology condition under control. It’s essential to get at least eight hours of sleep daily. Sleep will help relax your memory and clear out amyloids.

Ensure to remove devices and other things in your bedroom that can distract your sleep. You should also avoid drinking excess water or consuming big meals before bedtime.

Manage or Reduce Stress

Stress causes an inflammatory response in neurology disorder patients. It can form free radicals that might damage or interfere with normal brain functions.

Maintain Your Overall Health

A poor diet, smoking, and lack of exercise can harm body organs like kidneys, lungs, and heart. When poor lifestyle habits interfere with your body organs, they can negatively impact your brain. The best way to achieve and manage an overall health habit is to maintain a healthy weight, keep your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol in the recommended healthy range, and manage stress.

Remain Socially Involved

Social interaction can help ward off stress and depression, which can cause memory loss. If you live alone and have an inherited neurological disorder, look for opportunities that connect you with friends, relatives, and others to strengthen your brain health.

Seek medical help if the condition interferes with the way you walk. Your doctor can also help you understand other tips to help you have an active and stress-free lifestyle with an inherited neurological disorder.