3 Ways To Protect Yourself From Injury Before Being In A Car Accident

Although no one necessarily wants to plan on being in a car accident, if you’re able to think through what could happen to you in a car accident before it happens, you may have a much better chance of not only surviving this experience, but also limiting the injuries that you could get as well.

To help you see how this can be possible, here are three ways to protect yourself from injury before being in a car accident. 

Always Wear Your Seat Belt

While this might seem like common sense to most people, wearing your seatbelt is arguably the best thing you can do for yourself in order to avoid being injured badly in the event of a car accident.

Without your seatbelt, you’re 30 times more likely to be completely ejected from your vehicle if you’re in a car accident. Along with this, wearing a seat belt cuts down your risk of dying in a car accident by 45 percent and your risk of sustaining serious injuries by as much as 50 percent. So whether you’re only planning on being in the car for a few minutes or you’re taking a long road trip around the country, always wearing your seatbelt is the best way for you to protect yourself from injury in a car accident. 

Keep Your Car Clean

It’s not only the injuries that could happen from you hitting another car or object that you have to worry about in the case of a car accident.

When your car runs into something, the items in your car won’t stop suddenly like your vehicle will. This can result in the items in your car essentially turning into projectives trapped within your vehicle when you get in a car accident. So to reduce the number of projectiles that you have to worry about, it’s wise to keep your car clean and keep anything in your car as low to the ground as possible. 

Position Your Headrest Correctly

Something that not many people think about as being for your safety in a vehicle is the headrest. While you might want to use this when sleeping on a drive or as a way to secure items like a tablet or seat organizer, the headrest can actually be used to reduce your risk of getting major whiplash when in a car accident.

Ideally, you should try to position your headrest as close to the top of your head as possible. This way, your head will have limited mobility if you’re in an accident. You should try to keep the space between your head and the headrest to fewer than four inches for maximum safety. 

If you want to give yourself the best chance of sustaining minimal injuries if you’re ever in a car accident, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you protect yourself and those in your vehicle.