7 Common Misconceptions about Working as a Plumber

Many people, at some point, will find themselves face to face with a plumbing emergency that is meant to be addressed by a professional. Unfortunately, many people will avoid calling a plumber due to a number of common misconceptions about plumbers. We familiarize ourselves with these stereotypes from all the cartoons and movies that portrayed a dirty, grumpy plumber showing up late to fix a problem, and never truly fixing it, followed by charging a large bill. The reality is this scenario is so far from what plumbers are actually like! Let’s take a look at the 7 most common misconceptions about plumbers.

1. Plumbers Are Messy

People think when their plumber arrives, he or she will track mud and dirt through their home and begin tossing their dirty tools all over the place. This simply isn’t true. If you hire a plumber from a reputable company, such as markspp.com, you will find that plumbers are held to high standards of presentability. Many wear uniforms and shoe coverings to ensure there is no dirt or damage done to your home.

2. They are Unprofessional

Plumbers are held to the same professional expectations as other jobs. Plumbers hope for good reviews so they can get referrals in the future. These service-people are happy to answer any questions you have and be of assistance to you.

3. Plumbers Always Arrive Unprepared

It is expected that plumbers arrive with all the necessary tools and equipment needed to do their job. There is the occasional unexpected part that may be needed, and can take extra time to arrive from shipment, but this is never intentional. Most of the time plumbers have everything they need on them and in their work vehicles.

4. Plumbers Overcharge Their Customers

Prices are determined and discussed up-front so that there are no surprises and no hidden fees. If there are unexpected additional issues that the plumber encounters, he or she will keep you informed as these issues arise so that you are in the know!

5. Plumbers Like to Waste Time

Many believe plumbers arrive and purposely work slow. If you hire a plumber from a reputable company, he or she will arrive and promptly get to work. With their specialized knowledge and skill, the plumber will try their best to work swiftly to resolve your issue quickly and correctly.

6. Plumbers Talk Back and Have an Attitude

The cartoons and movies we are all familiar with showed plumbers being rude and having a bad attitude when speaking with their customers. But as stated earlier, plumbers are held to high expectations on professionalism and rely heavily on excellent customer service. Plumbers may ask you clarifying questions and in turn, answer any questions you have. They are sympathetic to your plumbing issues and wish to help.

7. Plumbing is an Easy Job

There is a misconception that working as a plumber is a profession for those who are uneducated and that plumbing is an easy job. This concept is far from true! Plumbing requires critical thinking, customer service skills, technical knowledge, and the business acumen to find plumbing parts in a cost-effective way. The amount of knowledge and skill required to perform the vast array of duties is something that is not quickly, or easily, acquired.

Life can become quite hectic if you do not address your plumbing issues, but with the help of a professional plumber, you will no longer need to worry!