6 Great Party Ideas for Celebrating Your Dog’s Next Birthday

Each year, we take time to gather with friends and family to celebrate the day that marks another year has passed and we are a little bit older (and hopefully wiser). It is something most people look forward to as this is also an excuse to enjoy being the center of attention and ask for things that normally we would not. However, there is another important member of the family who often goes unacknowledged in this way: the family dog. Throwing a party for man’s best friend can be a hoot and a half. Here are some ideas on how to properly celebrate your dog’s next birthday.

1) Squad Assemble

Dogs are very social creatures and tend to form packs with others they see on a fairly consistent basis. These may be dogs they live with or dogs they only get to interact with at the local dog park. Send out some invites to their owners and make sure that everyone can stop by and help your dog enjoy their own special day.

2) Fun Activities

Try setting up an obstacle course for them to run through and some toys they can play tug of war with. Or maybe find a ball launcher and allow them to run as fast as they can to see who can get to it first. This will keep the attendees engaged and provide an element of fun.

3) Be Sure to Capture Some Memories

If money is no option, consider having a photo booth at your party where the puppies can get dressed up and have their photo taken. If that is a bit outside of the budget, consider supplying your human guests with disposable cameras that they can leave, and you will have printed for a later treat.

4) Decorate the House

All parties need a theme and some decorations to help promote the fun time that is about to be had. Get some balloons to blow up or have them filled with helium. Just make sure they are secured to where the four-legged party members don’t get at them and possibly get hurt.

5) It’s All About the Cake

Dog friendly bakeries have begun making some special treats that are tasty and dog friendly. Consider taking the time to stop by and pick up either a cake or some cupcakes that the fur babies can enjoy. Make sure to also get some treats for the human attendees so they can enjoy some too.

6) Paw-ty Favors for Everyone

When the party ends, be sure to have some fun things that the other dogs can take home with them. Something that would be useful for them but also unique is a paw balm to keep their paws soft and away from cracks and injuries.