Types of Commercial Lawn Mowers

Lawnmowers are machines purposely made for cutting grass in gardens or yards. There are two main blades in lawn mowers—rotary mowers, which use a single blade for cutting, cylinder or reel mowers, which use multiple blades.

They are further categorized depending on size, type of power, and the nature of work. The most commonly used lawn mowers are either push or self-propelled lawn mowers. Deck, where the engine sits, determines the quality of any mower.

Large lawn mowers are usually either self-propelled ‘walk behind’ types or ‘ride-on mowers, equipped so that the operator can ride on the mower and control it. There are several types of commercial lawn mowers available in the market. When deciding on the mower that you want to buy for commercial purposes, it is crucial to consider these factors.

  • The performance of the mower.
  • Durability
  • Operators position.
  • Fuel preference.
  • The nature of the space to be lawned.
  • Your budget.

With the above factors in mind, one should decide the type of mower that suits them. Here are the different types of commercial lawn mowers. Commercial mowing equipment is designed to provide a solution that caters to the buyer and the user’s needs. The following lawnmowers range from electric-powered, gas-powered, battery-powered to drive-powered mowers.

1. Lawn Tractor

Lawn tractors are gas-powered mowers whose speed is two or three times more than the push mowers. They are suitable for any terrain and large lawns. They have a comfortable seat and are easy to operate since they use wheels that are familiar and easy to operate. Maintenance cost tends to be high as the gas mowers require regular tuneups and oil changes, and blades sharpening.

2. Rear Engine Mower

They have a smaller engine and are best for half-acre lawns as they are smaller in size. The rear engine mower is challenging to use in sloppy places because the engine, fuel, and rider are concentrated at the machine’s back, making the front wheels lose the grip.

3. Zero-turn Mowers

These mowers have twin steering levers that control the rear wheels independently. The engine of the zero-turn mower is also at the back. They are hard to control on slopes. They don’t do a good job compared to the lawn tractor.

4. Trail Mowers

Trail mowers are also called finish mowers. They are suitable for large spaces, both hilly and steep, and Trail mowers can handle small plants and grass. A Trail mower clears trails in the forests, as the name suggests. This type of mower uses gasoline or electricity.

5. Walk-Behind

Commercial walk-behind mowers are very different from ordinary push-from-behind mowers. Walk-behind is designed so that it’s comfortable to use them as the controls are positioned in a place where they are easily accessible. It has a variety of cutting widths, making it the best mower for any piece of work.

6. Remote Control Mower

Remote control mowers, also known as robotic lawnmowers, are unique mowers. The remote control mower operates either independently or through remote control and maintains almost all types of lawns. This mower is most suitable for mowing on vast pieces and inaccessible ones. The operation is safe, productive, and comfortable, making it more ideal for commercial purposes.

7. Push Mowers

These mowers are popular because they are affordable and easy to maintain. They are also easily operated as the only requirement for manual pushing, as the name suggests.

8. Self-Propelled Mowers

The self-propelled mower does not require to be pushed as they have a machine that drives them forward. Self-propelled mowers are easy to use and give a more consistent lawn cut compared to push mowers. However, they require more maintenance and are difficult to fix.


Most companies can advise you on the best lawn mower to buy, depending on work nature. You can ask them to inform you more also depending on the power type of the mower.