Top 8 Mind-Blowing Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate Instagram In 2021


Instagram marketing is very much useful. A Facebook survey stated that people use Instagram for their product research, purchase decisions as well as product discovery. Whether you’re an influencer, marketer, or business owner, you should use Instagram for your beneficial purposes. But the graphic design trends are also constantly evolving over the years on Instagram.

If you want to create amazing visual content, you need to have a good idea about Instagram graphic design trends.

In this article, we will discuss 8 mind-blowing graphic design trends that will dominate Instagram in 2021.

Powder Pastels

Colors are massively effective to vitalize images and Instagram is particularly famous for its vivid imagery. If you prefer a darker and duskier tone, baby-soft pastels are well fitted for that choice. Powder finish carries a more manifested look than shiny tones. The more gradient colors you use the better-elevated images you will create. 

You can also try some pastel shade designs on your themes. This will help your viewers to recognize your brand and the uniqueness will help you to stand out from other content.Buy active followers to increase your Instagram profile reach.

Glimpse of Vintage

Many people think that old is pretty much outdated. But vintage theme will ruleInstagram in 2021. If you want to give your visual content a proper vintage edge, you should consider using watermarks, presets, and grainy effects. Remember to use warm and saturated color tones. This will expose some natural colors like orange, greens, and browns.

The retro theme, also known as the vintage-inspired theme can be achieved by built-in filters. You can also use some video editing software to give your content a vintage look. 

The Edit Known as “No-Edit”

Modern Instagram users don’t like extremely edited images. You can adjust the orientation or color modulation, but that’s it. This will become a new trend in 2021. If you keep your Instagram feed full of real pictures, it will gain attraction.

Meanwhile, some brands are posting user-generated content (UGC), which cannot be crowned as perfect. But the no-edit hashtag is rapidly gaining popularity. The main goal of this no-edit trend is to make Instagram more real and responsible.

Imperfections Are Perfect

Think outside the box. Imagine wrinkled faces, crumpled papers, broken glasses, and folded papers. This will more likely occupy the Instagram feed in 2021. If you combine perfectly-shot objects with imperfections, you will create beautiful content.

In other words, this trend will set back Instagram to the period when contents weren’t judged by their less perfection. If you are a beginner, try to use the raw look in your Instagram feed or stories, you can also use some real-life textures such as sand, iron, or scratched metal.

Emoji with Photography

It’s been years since people started using emojis in pictures. However, this trend will glow more in 2021. But remember one thing; using emoji is not a walk in the park.

Even some grow-up brands like Pepsi are boosting their marketing strategy using emojis. Nevertheless, Emojis play a crucial part in your Instagram feed and can help you to enhance engagement rates. When you create a custom emoji, it plays a positive twist in your stories and feed. You can also use them as a sticker in your Instagram stories.

Collaged Images

Collaged images will become more useful in the upcoming years. We will witness monochrome, artistic typography as well as retro overlays. There will be a combination of video clips, stickers, images, and emojis to provide the best kind of scrapbook effect.

To post some collaged images, try to use any free layout application. You can also customize your grid and picture quantity.

Attractive Fonts

Eye-catching fonts are never considered a dull trend. Additionally, it will become the center stage of the Instagram feed in 2021. You’ll notice various kinds of mesmerizing fonts such as curtain, sabishii, watering, and old fashion.

You can use some tools or apps to choose a relevant and suitable font. But do not hurry while choosing a font because a font proves your unique sense of mind. However, if you can’t find anything suitable, you can also sketch your own.

Juicy and Citrusy

Some amazing colors such as lavender, wild strawberry, and burnt orange will dominate the Instagram color palette in 2021. You will notice a glimpse of citrusy in makeup, backgrounds, doodles, and clothing. According to, many foods and beverages as well as fitness brands will start using healthy colors to maximize their brand’s voice.


Here are the top 8 graphic design trends that will rule Instagram in 2021. Even though Instagram is a popular social media platform, it is also competitive. If you want to create a dazzling Instagram feed, you need to know all the latest graphic design trends. However, try to improvise the trends by adding some unique twists. Because your creativity is the main thing that will help you to keep going!