Basic Law Facts Everyone Should Know

It’s your civic duty to understand the laws that govern your life, and the vast majority of people operate in the shadows when it comes to the law.  It’s better to know your bounds, so you don’t find yourself caught up in a situation you never intended to experience.  

Arm yourself with knowledge, and stay in the know on some basic laws of the land.  Take a quick moment to read through this brief compilation of some basic law facts everyone should know.  

Your rights when dealing with police 

No one ever wants to be arrested, and dealing with police officers can present quite a tense situation for everyone involved.  It’s good to know your rights, so you don’t take the risk of incriminating yourself.  

For instance, when you’re pulled over by the police, you don’t have to roll your window down all the way to speak to them.  Crack your window instead.  

Know your rights if you’re injured 

If you suffer an injury in your life that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you need to know your legal rights to compensation.  You need to know the statute of limitations on your injury.  Being injured does more than just hit you in the wallet.  

You have to deal with the emotional and physical pain as well.  Don’t let an injury ruin your future, and make certain responsibility is placed where it is due.  

Know your rights as a renter 

If you are still renting and don’t own your home, you need to know your rights as a tenant.  Your landlord doesn’t have all the power in the situation, and it’s safer to understand your abilities as a renter.  

State laws vary by location, but there is always a place in the law to protect renters.  Your landlord has certain responsibilities to you as a tenant.  Make sure you understand just what you should be expecting from the arrangement.  

Employee rights are good to know 

If you’re working for someone else, you need to know your rights as an employee.  You have the right to be paid a fair wage.  You have the right to work free of sexual harassment and descrimination.  

If you want a good source for information regarding your employee rights, visit your local department of labor site.  You’ll learn more about workers’ comp, break laws, and more.  

Do some legal prep before you pass

You don’t have to be old to start sorting out your legal business regarding your passing.  You never know when you will have your last moments, so secure your last wishes before anything ever happens.  

Learn what paperwork you need to have in order for the law to back all the things you dreamed would happen after your death, and live with a different kind of peace of mind.