3 Signs That You’re Incompatible With Your Significant Other

While everyone wants to find love in their life, most people can’t make that love last with just anyone. To truly be happy in a relationship, you and your significant other need to be compatible. The problem here is that it can often be hard to know if you’re compatible with someone until you’ve already invested quite a bit of time into that relationship. But luckily, there are some early warning signs that a relationship likely won’t work out.

To help you see what some of these things are, here are three signs that you’re incompatible with your significant other. 

Your Personalities Are Easily Stressed

For certain things, the sentiment of opposites attracting really does make sense. According to Carolyn Steber, a contributor to The Bustle, this is especially true when it comes to having high strung personalities

Whether you want to make this judgment based on things like your astrological signs or just the way that you interact with the world, having two people who are both high strung can make a relationship very challenging. To make things work, there has to be a certain level of flexibility and compromise, which is something that people with a high strung personality often struggle with. As a result, two people with high strung personalities will likely find that they don’t mesh as well together in the long term as they may have at the beginning of their relationship, proving that they’re ultimately incompatible. 

You Don’t Share The Same Core Values

While disagreements are going to happen in every relationship, if you find that you and your significant other tend to disagree on things that are very important to both of you, like your own core beliefs and values, this could be a major sign that you’re incompatible together.

Generally, Caroline Colvin, a contributor to Elite Daily, shares that core values consist of things like marriage, religion, family, finances, politics, and more. So if you’ve found that you and your significant other have very different ideas when it comes to these things, you may wind up having a very hard time finding common ground throughout a lot of your relationship. 

You Feel Frequently Annoyed

Within a relationship, you and your significant other are going to be spending a lot of time together. And while it’s normal for some things to rub you the wrong way about your partner, if you find that you’re more often annoyed at your significant other than actually enjoying the time you’re spending together, this could be a bad sign for your compatibility.

According to Heather Jensen, a contributor to AllWomensTalk.com, if you find that there just seem to be certain traits about your partner that drive you crazy and you can’t imagine having to live with, it could be a sign that it’s time to end that relationship. 

If you’ve noticed any of the above-mentioned issues in your relationship, think long and hard about whether you and your significant other are really compatible with one another.