Talkspace Encourages You to Stay Calm in the Face of Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus has caused a scare all around the world. According to the WHO situation report, there have been more than 105,000 cases globally. Some regions have been hit harder than others. In Italy, more than 12,000 cases have been registered, which has prompted a country-wide lockdown.

In the face of all the negative news, it can be difficult to remain calm. Understanding the nature of anxiety can be helpful. Here’s how you can overcome your fears and anxieties.

Understanding Anxiety

One reason people have been so anxious is the lack of clear information on virtually everything concerning the Coronavirus. WHO has declared the virus a pandemic. Still, there are conflicting reports on tests, how the virus is spread, or how to seek help, have clouded our perspective.

We also need to be conscious of our anxieties. People react differently when they are anxious. Some may stay indoors and occupy themselves with hobbies or seek help online through platforms like Talkspace. Others may call their doctors in panic, wondering if their symptoms mean they have the virus.

 But the lack of information may be attributed to the fact that it’s a new type of disease. Similar patterns of behavior were observed during the H1N1 Pandemic ten years ago. According to research, people who had a problem accepting situations were more likely to experience intense fear.

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Anxiety can be healthy

Perspective can be useful for minimizing the risk of elevated levels of anxiety. Fear can intensify when you resist it, especially if you resist in unproductive ways. We can think of it as an emotion that keeps us aware of potential threats. It would be strange and unusual if you were not, at least, a little afraid amid a pandemic.

But you should avoid adopting habits, such as frantically searching for news about the virus. Instead, be aware of your fear. You will be in a better position to overcome your anxiety if you don’t try to suppress them.

Seeking and Offering Help

You can also deal with your anxiety by helping others through online therapy. When you assist others with their fears, it helps you put things into perspective. Through an online therapy app like Talkspace, you can reach out to a trained online therapist who will help you handle your anxiety better.

All in all, the CDC’s risk-assessment has indicated that there is no reason for worry. We are still in the early stages of the pandemic, and research is still ongoing. Stay informed, adjust your perspective, and find help through online therapy.