5 Tips for Designing a Captivating Website

If you want to run a successful business in 2020, you need to make sure your website is attractive. We live in a world where people visit Google to find the best shops, restaurants, and services. A site that is slow to load and visually bland is likely to turn customers away. 

You can think of your online presence as your storefront. You want to invest time, memory, and energy to make it awesome. Your site is the first impression. Keep these tips in mind during the design process if you want to ensure your website is as captivating as possible. 

Keep Your Logo On-Trend

The logo is the first thing that people notice about your website. A logo is the combination of visual imagery and text that tells people what your business or organization is all about. Many have a powerful aesthetic. Some even have a symbolic association that will trigger a connection between the customer and some emotion or memory. 

Not only does a logo increase your brand recognition on your website, but it’ll allow your target market to find you. Whether it’s on your social media platform or a business card, they’ll know right away that it’s you. 

Your logo should be unique and have an on-trend design. You don’t want to switch up the look too often, though, considering that it will cost you a lot of time and resources. It would also defeat the purpose of a good logo, which is to be recognized easily. 

Easy Navigation 

Visitors should be able to navigate through your site easily. Create a menu that’s straightforward and minimalist. Try to organize content logically so that potential customers can find exactly what they’re looking for. 

The navigation is essentially the map of your business. While you should have a clear-cut menu, you should also include buttons and links throughout the pages if it’s relevant. 

Optimize for Mobile 

More than half of web traffic worldwide occurs on mobile devices. Whether it’s their phone or tablet, people will be visiting your site when they’re on the go. It’s crucial that you prioritize these users in the design process. 

The limited amount of screen space means that your content shouldn’t be cluttered. The best mobile sites have a small number of pages, and the navigation is as streamlined as possible.  One way that you can ensure a smooth mobile user-experience is to create a landing page that includes all of the core information. 

Add Video

Videos are a great form of storytelling. People need the information to make decisions, and videos are an extremely effective way of demonstrating the quick benefits of your organization or business.

Short videos will keep people on your website longer, and they’ll be more engaged with your website. This is also important for your search engine rankings, as Google likes pages where people spend more time. This is called “dwell time.”

Videos get your point across fast and conveniently. People don’t like to spend too much time reading long text, but they would be more than willing to watch a visual production. 

Incorporate High-Quality Content 

It’s essential to have high-quality content on every page of your website. Whether you’re a business owner or a blogger, you’ll want your pages to represent your values. Having solid text, photos, and videos will not only captivate customers, but it will also give them a reason to trust you. 

According to Brain box, your content should have a personal twist, and you should focus on its value. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of making your website appear higher on relevant search results. 

The Verdict

An attractive website will build trust among your target audience, and they’ll spend more time learning about your business and all that you have to offer. Make sure to have high-quality content, whether it’s text, images, or video, and ensure that it’s optimized for mobile.