Maximizing Your Crunchbase Profile for Entrepreneurial Success

As we are living in a digitally-driven world, putting your best foot forward with positive content on the internet is all but a must. There are a variety of ways that burgeoning entrepreneurs and aspiring business professionals have embraced the web for the development of their careers. One of the easiest ways to get your name known within your industry is by establishing an online portfolio such as this Crunchbase profile. Crunchbase is a hybrid business platform that seeks to connect business professionals with one another. Let’s take a closer look at how you can establish and optimize your Crunchbase profile.

1. Understand the Platform

Before you get started loading your profile with information, you’ll want to take a second to walk through the platform. Think of your Crunchbase profile as an extension of your business. As with any other semblance of your career, you are better served by doing your due diligence. Look through various Crunchbase profiles for commonalities as you get a feel for the platform. Once you get a feel for the platform, you will be ready to more accurately approach your own profile.

2. Craft Unique Yet Consistent Copy

If you are building your Crunchbase profile, then the odds are good you’ve already signed up for something like LinkedIn. While platforms like LinkedIn have overlap with Crunchbase, you don’t want to just copy and paste your profile content from one site to the next. By crafting unique copy for each platform, you are able to elevate yourself as well as your brand in the search engine rankings. Keep your tone of voice consistent across platforms but refrain from copying and pasting your information. The more unique content you put into the world, the better your brand will perform during searches.

3. Use Professional Promotional Media

Whether you are selling tires or building contracts, you are going to need to present yourself in a functional and visual way. The internet thrives on mixed media, so ensure that you have a proper headshot as well as promotional pictures to represent the rest of your work. Don’t go overboard with your images but make it clear that you know what you are doing. Images help to retain the attention of your potential viewers, thus giving you more time to lure them in with your quality credentials.

4. Follow CrunchBase’s Best Practices

If you are going to keep your profile on Crunchbase, you might as well go through their Best Practices techniques while creating your profile. In order to get the most out of your profile, make sure that you stick to third-person perspective in your overview. Fill out all the other aspects of your profile from the founding date to breaking news. Most importantly, make sure that you keep your profile updated whenever anything changes. An outdated profile can be worse than a profile that doesn’t even get seen.

Success on the internet as a business professional is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Use the tips that we outlined above as you cultivate your web presence. With a strong Crunchbase profile, you can make an impact!