How To Get Creative With Your Toy Ideas This Holiday Season

With Christmas coming right around the corner, it can be stressful to compile the perfect presents. When buying for young ones, getting the right toys can be a difficult task, especially with the multitude of different toys available, as well as knowing which ones will be the most popular. However, that’s why we’ve compiled a few helpful suggestions on how you can get creative with your toy ideas this holiday season. Check them out below:

Hop On Social Media

In looking for creative gift ideas for your family, one of the best places you should start is with social media. An underrated source for gift seeking, as noted by Statista, only 23 percent of people stated they were going to use social for their shopping this year; however, the types of gifts you could find on here might surprise you. You don’t need the services of an agency like Social Gone Viral to help you find those unique niche gifts that can save money and still be truly special.

Starting with the general category of toys you’re after, make it a habit to spend some time discovering new companies on Instagram or Twitter. Try to search through via hashtags, geotags, or even tagged accounts, including popular accounts that list out different toys. Furthermore, don’t be afraid of searching local, especially since these people are some you could build a relationship with. As you continue with your search, make it something that’s a fun activity, engaging both for yourself, as well as for those you’re searching for to ensure they enjoy whatever it is you end up buying.

Take The Custom Route

If you’re afraid of buying the wrong thing, then going the custom route might be the best way to go. According to Business2Community, 88 percent of customers expect a personalized experience when they go to buy something, which goes to show how much customization has become a norm. However, the difficult part here isn’t necessarily going after something that’s custom but rather something that’s both curtailed to the recipients liking while still being a surprise.

Everything from children’s items to adult toys can be personalized these days. Stores like Jizels have an array of custom adult gifts. Another suggestion is to go through the favorite toy stores or places that your child likes and asking the staff about custom options, including what your options are to buy before Christmas, and custom packaging is a great way to make someone feel special! While customization is something that can be a little bit of a risk in terms of how much it cost versus the risk of buying, it also could be a big win, giving your child a toy that is designed particularly for them.

Know When To Shop

A significant factor in toy shopping is beating the rush, which can be somewhat difficult when we’re shopping for our children. After all, kids are likely to start asking for gifts they see on the TV and on the websites they visit, which usually come towards November or December. When you factor in that 55 percent of consumers plan to visit a store on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, it appears that going after the best deals can be an uphill battle. To combat this, it’s important to not only figure out what your child wants ahead of time but to buy at the perfect time as well.

First, ask your child what exactly they want for Christmas as early as possible. While they might not know right away, there are going to be certain big-ticket items that it might be wise to try and get early; for example, electronics like an Xbox or iPad. From there, try to pay attention to what your child is gravitating towards from what they watch or see, simply dropping in asking if they like something or have any idea on what they want. The early you can start planning gift ideas, the better, as it’ll put you at ease knowing you got everything covered before the holidays have hit.

Consider What Alternative Gifts Your Family Might Want

Finally, while it’s great to buy toys for our kids, it’s also important to introduce them to experiences as well. A big part of this could be things like taking a trip or introducing them to a new hobby. For example, as noted by Value Penguin, with the average American spending approximately 2 percent of their total household budget on vacation, buying your child skis or a snowboard could be well worth it in the long run; as this not only gives them the tools they’ll need for future trips but also combines gifts as well. Granted, as parents, we generally find this the most advantageous route, giving us both a vacation while taking care of Christmas, however, making it convincing to your kids can be a challenge.

Of course, it’s important to get your kids the presents they’re after, satisfying enough of their wants to have a fulfilling Christmas, but when it comes to packaging that into a vacation or something to do as a family, the lesson should be focused around spending time together. Try to get their input as well on what would be a fun trip or activity for everyone to do, giving them a say in the process of what’s happening as well. As Christmas is primarily about spending time with those you love, try to make this very much about an experience, giving your child something they’ll cherish for years to come.

What are some ways you’ve gotten creative with your Christmas buying? Comment with your insights below!