Doe Deere Begins A New, Unfamiliar Chapter in Her Life

Makeup entrepreneur and trailblazer, Doe Deere, has embarked on a new stage in her life where she is conquering new ground. She has announced that she has decided to cut back on some of her duties as CEO and owner of Lime Crime Cosmetics, to go into other areas of artistic and business endeavors.

Deere explained that she and husband, Mark, would still be on the board of directors of Lime Crime but were relinquishing their roles as managers of the company. They would continue to have input as consultants in developing new products and the marketing of them. Lime Crime was one of the first independent beauty brands that became successful due to her large online following and her method of marketing which garnered huge sales online.

In 2008, Deere succeeded in introducing her makeup company on the internet and did business online from her home in Los Angeles, California, creating vibrantly colorful, vegan, and cruelty-free cosmetics. Now, she wants to take her creativity in another direction by designing exclusive jewelry for a specific reason, and by becoming the creator of life, because she has also become a new mother.

Always entrepreneurial, Deere was a pioneer in creating and marketing one of the first matte liquid lipsticks and introducing it to the mainstream market by way of the internet. The Poppy Angeloff boutique jewelry line will be a departure from the elements that made Doe Deere’s Lime Crime so successful because this jewelry will be created for a different kind of crowd.

Along with her new creation of the Poppy Angeloff jewelry line, on September 21, Doe Deere and her husband, Mark, experienced the birth of their new daughter, Lorelei Elita, making Deere a first-time mother. Due to medical complications, she had chosen to have her baby carried by a surrogate, making her decision known to all of her social media followers.

Deere is someone who won’t let complications get in the way of her life’s visions, so at the same time she had announced the joyous occasion that she was having a baby to her followers, she also added that she was partaking in the new business enterprise of starting the boutique jewelry line with her sister, Kat Dey.

Deere and Dey, who is also a new mother, decided to start this latest business venture because they wanted to design small, intricate jewelry for petite hands because there was little availability for this kind of jewelry, so Poppy Angeloff was born. The Poppy Angeloff jewelry brand is a refined, soft, more feminine look, taking elements from the Victorian style, making the jewelry look antique with an infusion of the beauty of nature.

Deere and Dey come from a family of women who are petite with small, delicate traits, so they wanted to design jewelry to accommodate these characteristics. The Poppy Angeloff boutique jewelry brand, which is based on the pansy flower, will also be sold online and will be offered for sale exclusively and by invitation only to select customers, at the launching of this new jewelry line.

Using her Instagram account, Doe Deere displays new designs and prototypes of her Poppy Angeloff jewelry line, noting that the symbolic pansy flower will heavily influence the packaging, the website, and jewelry design. Deere has a very distinct and effective way of marketing her products because she was one of the first online influencers, establishing a large number of followers who liked her creations as well as her visions when she started her cosmetic company, Lime Crime. No doubt, Deere’s followers will help make this new venture a success, as well.