6 Occasions to Celebrate with a Cigar

Enjoying and collecting cigars is a hobby that people around the world partake in. Whether an individual is an avid smoker and connoisseur or not, adding cigars to some of life’s milestones and special moments along the way can often enhance the overall experience. Here are six occasions for cigars.

1. College Graduation

After a driver’s license and high school graduation, graduating from college is often the next big milestone in a person’s life. Receiving a high-quality cigar on this special day can be a wonderful way to be welcomed into “the real world”. Sharing a cigar with friends to celebrate is a rewarding way to look back and reminisce on the college experience as well as to look forward to the future. People who choose to savor this time in their lives won’t regret it.

2. Birth Of a Child

Another beautiful moment in life is welcoming a child into the world. It is a well-established tradition for a new father to share and indulge in a cigar or two with friends and loved ones. There are numerous reasons to commemorate a birth with a cigar. One is of course to celebrate a new life. Another reason is to soothe the father’s nerves and help him decompress. It also serves as a way to share this moment in his life and deepen the bond with those he loves, and who will also be in the community or “village” it requires to raise the new addition.

3. Wedding

Modern-day weddings are often focused on the bride. One way to make grooms feel included and let them have fun is to gift them a cigar they can enjoy at some point during the festivities. The groom and their friends can share a cigar, let loose, and bond. This will allow the groom to decompress and not feel overwhelmed by everything while simultaneously showing their friends they treasure their connection.

4. Job Promotion

Getting a job promotion takes a lot of hard work and dedication. A cigar is a gift that celebrates the recipient’s accomplishments and is also symbolic of the recipient moving toward luxury and enjoyment. Maybe it will even inspire the recipient to begin a collection of their own to enjoy.

5. Housewarming

Moving into a new home is a positive and joyous milestone for most people. A cigar is an elegant, thoughtful gift that will be appreciated. Taking time to connect with friends, to savor the fruits of the labor that made the home possible is a lovely gift. The gift of a cigar can also represent luxury, prosperity, and relaxation for the recipient. It’s a fun way to express best wishes to friends and loved ones without even saying a word.

6. Poker Games Or Tournaments

It is quite common or even traditional to bring or exchange cigars when meeting to play poker. For those who will participate in a weekly or perhaps monthly poker game, cigars are a prudent choice of gift to give. A good cigar can really lend itself to the right kind of atmosphere for playing poker. Not only that, but it gives all the participants a chance to learn about cigars and possibly start or expand their own collection as well.