4 Ways to Store Your Cigars to Help Them Stay Fresh

Enjoying a high-quality cigar is an experience. Having a cigar that’s not in good shape will take away from that. For people who are just getting into smoking cigars, knowing how to keep them fresh may seem confusing. There are numerous ways to achieve this goal. Here are four options.

1. Humidor

A humidor is the storage choice of serious cigar collectors and lovers. It’s a device that is humidity-controlled which keeps cigars fresh and pliant. Humidors are often made with cedar wood. They should include a reservoir for water and a hygrometer, or humidity measuring device. If using a humidor for cigar storage, a humidity percentage of 70% is ideal. This can safely range from 65% to 72% without issue, though more humidity is not always recommended. Tobacco shops sell humidors and any other cigar accessories that may be needed.

2. Plastic Bag And Humidification Pouch

When purchasing cigars from the store, they will come in plastic bags similar to small Ziploc bags. People can use these bags to store their cigars for a short while easily. These bags can be used for prolonged storage with the addition of a humidification pouch. Humidification pouches added to these storage sleeves will keep cigars fresh and pleasant to smoke for longer in case they can’t be finished right away. The pouches can even have pre-measured humidity levels they are made to release so individuals always know their cigars’ humidity level even without using a hygrometer.

3. Tupperware And Damp Sponge

Another simple and accessible storage option for cigars is placing them inside a Tupperware container with a damp sponge. The dimensions of the container and the number of cigars being stored should guide how much of the sponge is put into the container. With cigars, too much humidity is as bad as not enough. Most people who use the sponge method use a half or a quarter of a sponge. To gauge the amount of humidity, a humidification pouch or a hygrometer may be used, also.

4. Cooler

Coolers are well-insulated and seal moisture in. Some individuals buy a cooler specifically for cigar storage if they don’t want or can’t get a humidor. This option is good for people who have begun to amass a large collection of cigars, as it gives far more storage space than the Tupperware or plastic bags. For those who are interested in using coolers for storing their cigars, there are some things to know beforehand. The first is to keep in mind that cigars take on the taste of their storage environment. A brand-new cooler or at least a very clean one is recommended to avoid ruining the flavor of the cigars that have been collected and invested in. The second thing is that the cooler will need a form of humidification. Humidification pouches, humidification units such as those in traditional humidors, or the damp sponge method could be used. Since this method assumes an individual has a decent amount of cigars, it may also be worthwhile to invest in a hygrometer at that point to ensure the cigars are stored at proper humidity levels. It’s also prudent to ensure the seal of the cooler has no gaps, cracks, or leaks. Properly storing cigars will be worthwhile.